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A Second Chance for Love (and Paint and Dreams)

The Dream.Love.Paint Online Course of Painting and Inspiration is coming again soon!

If you are feeling like you’re ready to be inspired, to see yourself and your work in a new way, and to start painting in a looser style with delicious colorthis is your time and I’ve got a few words for you!

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Over 200 comments have been left by those that are in the course right now — but I am guessing you may not have time to read them all 😉
Thought I’d better dig out a few for you to read right here!

This wonderful class produced some of the most beautiful work I have seen in beginning and advanced students. You have the most wonderful way with words and inspirations and have shared so much of you with us all. My painting has improved so much, I actually feel like an artist now! ~ YS

I love this course because it is a value packed and is nudging me into a whole new approach to the act of creating! ~ CH

After admiring Dreama’s painting style and inspirational writings I knew I had to be a part of her first online course. After finishing week four, I’ve felt my confidence level growing in a way I have not experienced in other workshops. ~ NM

I love being able to set my own schedule for the painting sessions. There has been so much encouragement from other artists. I love seeing other participants’ paintings! Dream Love Paint has enriched more than my art…it has enriched my LIFE. ~ DA

(note..sharing your art is voluntary, just one of the things we can offer in Dream.Love.Paint via our private Facebook group!)

This course has been an inspiration on so many levels! Dreama explains her technique in clear concrete ways but that is just the beginning – she goes deep to the root of why create and how to find one’s own inner voice …and follow it! ~ HF

Second chances are a wonderful thing.  See you in September!!