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"A Window to Joy" SOLD

“A Window to Joy”
8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel

An open window in France, a petite “jardin in a box” and some golden rays of sunshine.  Either way your lookin’–in or out—it pretty much says JOY:)!!  
P.S.  What you can’t “see” is the smell of fresh crepes, strawberries and real whipped cream wafting out the window…..:))

As promised, some beautiful paintings from the Marco Island Workshop gals!  I wish you could see them (both the artists and the paintings) in person.  So many smiles and so much laughter–the enthusiasm is visible in the artists and their art!!  
Wait ’til you see the paintings they cranked out today!!  Photos of those and the artists in tomorrow’s post:))))))

Beautiful Paintings from Day 1/Marco Island Workshop!!

Dreama’s 2013 Workshop Dates Click to View

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