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Watercolor Journaling with Dreama

Hello Lovely Artist!   These are some things I like/love and wanted to let you know about.  Amazon is great for holding a variety of items from paints to books to studio items, so I will continue to add to this list.  Feel free to check back in and see what’s new 🙂

For all of the watercolor items:  I love trying new kits, colors and journals out–that’s half the fun of watercolor journaling 🙂  That’s why I have several of each listed here because I really don’t have just one favorite!  I suggest starting with what the kid in you is attracted to and go from there.

Just an FYI:  I am an Amazon affiliate and as such, will be compensated.

Books!  I love to be inspired and there are so many wonderful books that do just that–here are some of my fav’s.  The first book, Daily Painting by Carol Marine, includes a wee bit about me 🙂