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"Back to a Weird State of Normal"

Just arrived last night from Marco Island.  A few items somehow turned up in my luggage.  In my defense, they had tagged them with words like…”Life is Good” and “Live life enjoy color”
they may as well of said– take me, I’m yours:)))
 Live    Life   Enjoy   Color
 SMILE (It’s Contagious)

I returned home with: 
Wet Paintings
Overweight luggage:))
Key Lime Pie on my breath
Sea shells
Sand dust on more than a few things 
Some errant lizards (those in the workshop know what I’m talking about:))
A thicker journal
Priceless memories of:
Dinner –at the Sanborn house. On the menu?  Laughter, love, joy, and the world’s best key lime pie!!!
Women— who shared the workshop experience, whose faces I saw full of hope, wisdom, readiness, love, and all manner of amazing things (when you have the rare privilege to stand before a group, always take it–it’s amazing the beauty you will see from that vantage point)
Skies—daybreak, raining, dusk, and midnight, all one of a kind canvases for my viewing pleasure
Quietness—early morning, late at night– the vastness of the ocean and the skies beckoned
 “be still my soul”

I am, for the moment, back home.
Back to my studio
My bed
My Kentucky sky
And Eddie
Which means, things are back too
A weird state of normal:)))

Please Note:  I will be posting shortly the painting of Eddie that will be sold auction style with all proceeds going to the PAWS animal shelter.
The auction will end, appropriately, on February 14,
Valentine’s Day!

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  • Scarlet Owl - February 4, 2012 - 12:54 pm

    The workshop was the perfect winter break from my snowy studio. I was so inspired and look forward to painting every day. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom, joie de vivre for colors that are now new friends, and your lizard!ReplyCancel

  • Paintdancer - February 3, 2012 - 10:00 pm

    Really enjoyed the workshop Dreama! Your souvenirs are perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Jo-Ann Sanborn - February 3, 2012 - 8:27 am

    Periwinkle is a terrific color for both painting and wearing and you will be oh-so-gorgeous back in Paris! The sky showed a glowing salmon strip of light against the periwinkle morning just before sunrise, and there’s a pie waiting for you when you return!ReplyCancel

  • Addie Hirschten - February 2, 2012 - 9:12 am

    Okay- seriously Dreama- how can you take wet paintings on a plane? I mean- you are obviously a magician with many hats, but gravy!
    I humbly bow down to you.ReplyCancel

  • Ann Marie - February 1, 2012 - 9:29 pm

    Can’t wait to see the paintings that will help PAWS! How very generous of you! I am a complete sucker for a charity auction where the animals always win!ReplyCancel

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