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"Balcony of Blooms" SOLD

“Balcony of Blooms”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel
Workshop morning goodness.
(Can you tell that Cary Jurriaans of WFAS is an artist as well as the hostess for wonderful workshops year round??:))  
Look what a colorful spread–pretty enough to paint
but we ATE it instead;))
However…..the artists did manage to get  around to painting:)!
18 beautiful paintings from the first day of the Widbey Island Fine Art Workshop:)))!
My home sweet home for almost a week!!  Loaded with tons of art books, superb coffee, and an incredible view out my window.  Great for morning quiet time before starting the workshop day:)))
Some bunny should have told me how magical this place would be.  Then I would have packed more clothes and just moved here;)))
More to come on the fun times and great art being made on Whidbey Island:)!!
Meanwhile, back in Kentucky….somebody was caught looking out the window, waiting for someone special…
Either me or the Edster bunny.
Not sure which.
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  • june - April 1, 2012 - 3:29 pm

    Another painting I’m in love with. Help me, Dreama – I’m in love with and inspired by so many of them, that I’ve lost track!

    I’m looking out from this balcony, taking in the gorgeous fragrance of the sweet blooms and the sweet air, remembering good times from the past, basking in the joy of the here and now, and dreaming and planning future dreams, future plans that will bloom and blossom. It’s a beautiful, full, rich view, from where I’m standing on this balcony.

    I’m also in love with Whidbey Island, and Cary’s place, too.

    As for Eddie, I’m sure he’s been waiting for your most welcomed return – he may not say it in so many words, but he knows that you know how much he loves you.

    Thanks for sharing yet another of your life’s rich tapestries, Dreama. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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