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I must confess, I do get a bit beside myself when it comes to flowers. I came upon FRESH CUT LILACS at the farmers market and basically “had a moment” where I lost contact with the real world around me……If you share my love for the scent of lilacs, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Of course, this was a “business” expense and I had to endure the smell while painting them and for several days afterward. The life of an artist can be tough, but I continue to soldier on. The strawberries were also found there and of course I couldn’t just buy 3 of them, so I had to eat the remainder of a pint. All of this took place while visiting my daughter in LA. It was a wonderful trip, filled with lots of great food, sunshine and most of all , beautiful people. Later this week I will be posting a few pics from my time there.

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