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A Thank-You, the Provence Course Winner & Celebration Giveaway!

The response to Once Upon a Time, the online painting adventure to France—has been pretty much OOH LA LA!! ThankRead More >>>


Once Upon a Time in Provence has just opened it’s doors!!

Once Upon a Time in Provence has just opened it’s doors!! Come see what all the buzz is about 🙂 You can paintRead More >>>


Yes, This Is One of Them

This is just one of the paintings that you will get to paint with me as part of the upcoming online course (there areRead More >>>


Guesses and the BIG PROJECT REVEAL

FINALLY the date has been set for the BIG REVEAL ?!!Read More >>>


Big vs. Small and Common Scents

I have long been a fan of the BIG PICTURE, the sweeping view, the epiphany! … Perhaps its not one big pivotal momentRead More >>>


Morning Glory

What a sweet, delicious time the morning is. Sunlight laying its magic fingers of shimmering light to each leaf eachRead More >>>


Rosie Signs and You Look Easy!

Ahhh the French and their roses. Poetry that climbs the walls in a red velvet dress 🙂Read More >>>


The Fragrance of France

France is the kind of place that envelopes you and surrounds you in a luscious manner—just like a favoriteRead More >>>