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A Higher Good

It is our job to show up and let what’s intended to Be flow through us.Read More >>>


Making a “To Do” List? A Few Things to Consider

Making a “To Do” List? A Few Things to ConsiderRead More >>>


Don’t Judge Me…

If the kid in you could come out and play today, what would he be doing?Read More >>>


Another DLP winner and a Thank YOU Giveaway!

The majesty and wonder of things e n o u g h… To take the breath away They are with us every day All that isRead More >>>


Course is OPEN and We Have a Winner!!

“Lovin’ Life”Available as a Fine Art Print   If you are lazying around like someone else IRead More >>>


The Heart of Romance and One Thing at a Time

Instead of multi-tasking, what might happen if you allow yourself to focus on one thing?Read More >>>


A Winner, A Quiet Moment and My Story (which I’m sticking to…)

Most often, when amazing things happen, we realize that we are just messengers for the thing that desires to be born.Read More >>>


Little Things

Little things leave a trail of peace. This watercolor in my journal was one of those irresistible moments that beckonedRead More >>>


On Writing…and Painting…and Creating

Paint the things that truly intrigue and ignite your passions—whatever they may be.Read More >>>


Trying to Figure It Out?

I keep finding bits and pieces of myself in unexpected places. Someone quoting someone else and the words stuck on meRead More >>>