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From the first glimpse of France…to all the peeks in between, it was VERY satisfying! Here are the artists thatRead More >>>


The Romance of Paris

Falling in love happens in a moment, with a touch, one lingering glance at a time. Paris has that effect on one.Read More >>>


French Spoken Here

There’s always one. You know the type I’m talking about. They like to kick up their heels andRead More >>>


Ahem….WHO’S TO BLAME?? (Shady Business in France)

It has been said the best defense is no defense at all (that’s an Eddie quote). Since my last posting fromRead More >>>


The Color of Joy in France

Lavender spreads JOY no matter what form it takes 🙂 ..The Color of Joy in FranceRead More >>>


All Is Well and Another Postcard Giveaway:)

Soothing sound of church bells that ring out over the valley, roses cloaking stone walls made smooth by passage ofRead More >>>


Watercolor Journaling in France…Video and Pics!

I love the little villages one can stumble upon when out and about in France. It’s a sense of adventure thatRead More >>>


Wandering in France and Another Giveaway!

When I was a kid I remember my parents just heading out for a drive to see what new places they might uncover. ThatRead More >>>


Le Jardin of Frayssinet and The Dilemma

I have admitted openly to having a problem. Since there are no 12 step programs for blue jar addiction I have had toRead More >>>


Lavender Peace and a Postcard Giveaway!

Lokie has been chiding me—says the rumor is I’ve run away to the lavender fields.Read More >>>