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French Blue Buckets and a Fragrant Giveaway!

JOY is in the doing. With every stroke JOY is chosen and it creates the way for more. I wish you JOY in this day, inRead More >>>


Spread your Watercolor & Thoughts and Eddie Bill’s Brother by Another Mother

Some of us are bon❤️ journaling away (it’s fun to spread your watercolor and thoughts across the pages 🙂 Some areRead More >>>


Bulldogs and Roses — French, of course!!

It’s already settling in to a quiet peaceful summer in France. A walk down the road might just uncover something to putRead More >>>


A Tale of Secret Gardens, Purple Berets and Hidden Delights

So here I am. Attempting to do the impossible. Condensing 10 days, 16 artists, and 2,000 photos into oneRead More >>>


“Around the Corner in France”

 “Longhouse Laundry Day” Watercolor   Just for you….one last peek at France! If videoRead More >>>


Timeless Moments in France

“Timeless Moments in France” 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel SOLD Well doggone it —I knowRead More >>>


So Much Chocolat, So Little Time

“Carte Postal #?? (I am starting to lose track;)) When we arrived in France you said you were lookingRead More >>>


Lavender Fields Forever:))

Carte Postale #4 Lavender Fields/ Lherm, France   Bits and pieces of my journal include a breakfastRead More >>>


Lazy Days in France

Lazy Days in France 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel SOLD   Filled with grace and beauty, every day inRead More >>>


French Alleys and Early Morning in France

Carte Postale #3 Saint Cirq Lapopie   Everybody needs a little purple in their lives. This sweet spot was on aRead More >>>