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Wanna Go for a Ride???

From Venice to Paris in a day. Sounds romantic, I know. Except for…ahem, that my Paris is in Kentucky AND thenRead More >>>


V is for Venice:)!

Watercolor Postcard from Italy! As you can see, I have been using the H2O Twinkler watercolors on the postcards I haveRead More >>>


Bellissimo Burano and Pussy Galore!

“Postcards from Burano!” Detail  🙂   Burano is an island just a wee bit away from Venice. It isRead More >>>


Sunflower Skies and Grapevine Goodness

“A Day in Tuscany” Original Watercolor Postcard Detail 😛 Good Morning Sunshine!!! Someone has their eyeRead More >>>


Under THE Tuscan Sun

“Ristoranti in Tuscany” Original Watercolor Note Card Detail 🙂 This very petite watercolor comes withRead More >>>


You Say Cortona, Eddie Says Cortuna

It all started with a dark stranger who kept leading me on…. And the next thing I knew, cats were turning upRead More >>>


Life Among the Ruins…

“A Night in Roma” Original Watercolor Postcard Runaway to Italy #3 GiveawayRead More >>>


Runaway to Italy (or When In Rome:))

A Little Glimmer Does the Heart Good–Detail of from my Journal Carpe Diem! We have seized the moment, hopped aRead More >>>


"Did We Have a Good Time or What??…Cartolinas #9, #10 and a Surprise from Italy:)""

Cartolina #10 Piazza Gaetane Cartolina #9 Waiting for David My how time flies when you’re having a goodRead More >>>


"Cartolina #8"

Cartolina #8 Up the Hill in Panzano The gelato high has cleared a bit, Eddie is on a one way ticket back toRead More >>>