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“The Sun and the Moon of Spring” 12 x 12″ oil on museum quality panel SOLD     Both the sun and the moon are held in all things around us. The clematis with her “star” quality The lilac with her delicate scent in the sun. I like to think of them both talking away […]

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  • jobi kocher - June 20, 2013 - 12:08 pm

    Bonjour Dreama! I have been looking forward to your trip to France for weeks! Thank you for the lovely pics! Little Lokie looks just like my beloved, dearly departed, very missed cat, Gus. Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to meet you next year in Costa Mesa. I’ve already bought my supplies! haha Have some fine french wine for me! And throw my name in the beret please 🙂 xoxo Jobi from New MexicoReplyCancel

  • june - May 18, 2013 - 4:01 am

    Ohhhhh…this painting is absolutely glorious, Dreama. Please, please, please consider it amongst all the other beautiful paintings for your 2014 calendar. There’s a special magic to this one – the colours, the composition, and your magical words accompanying it. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

“Momma’s Best” 8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel SOLD Happy to go and happy to be home again:)!   It was a picture perfect week — great weather (the locals kept trying to tell us how much it rains, but personally, I think they are trying to discourage us landlubbers from moving to the island;)) […]

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  • Mary Sheehan Winn - April 3, 2012 - 12:41 pm

    Love this sunflower and I can see that your workshop/dinner/schmooz-at-thon was a blast!ReplyCancel

“On the Island” 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel SOLD Look how cute my little home away from home was at the Whidbey Island workshop!   It was STUFFED with art books of every shape, size and description…had an amazing coffee maker (see the red Nespresso) … Soft cotton sheets and cookies in the […]

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  • june - April 1, 2012 - 3:15 pm

    Beautiful! I can really feel the heat while I’m soaking up the sun’s glorious rays on this beach.

    I love your home-away-from-home in Whidbey Island. It looks so warm, friendly, inviting, cozy and oomfy, as does Cary’s studio, as well (love those signed palettes as wall hangings – great idea and cool conversation pieces, too).

    How cool must it be to be a resident of Whidbey Island! And Whidbey Island itself sounds like something akin to paradise. I was just reading a brand new on-line magazine called ‘Bread’ about a baker who lives and makes his living there. Can’t remember his name, but will get back to you with the info, or I’ll send you the link. It’s a beautiful on-line zine, by the way – if you’re into baking like I am, it is a true baker’s delight.

    What can I say about all the artists’ amazing paintings – beautiful, inspiring, vivid and happy are just a few words, but there are so many more I could apply to these paintings. I am in love with colour – which is why I love all your paintings as much as I do, Dreama. These artists clearly love colour and love what you do, as well. I want to be just like one of them, when I grow up, LOL.

    I know I must sound like a broekn record, but oh how I’d love to have been there.

    Can’t wait to see more visual abundance from the next batch of photos from Whidbey Island,and of course, we all want to know what the latest is with your Eddie Bill.

    Thanks for sharing not only this beautiful painting, but also, your adventures in a beautiful place called Whidbey Island.ReplyCancel

“Balcony of Blooms” 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel $550 Workshop morning goodness. (Can you tell that Cary Jurriaans of WFAS is an artist as well as the hostess for wonderful workshops year round??:))   Look what a colorful spread–pretty enough to paint …but we ATE it instead;)) However…..the artists did manage to […]

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  • june - April 1, 2012 - 3:29 pm

    Another painting I’m in love with. Help me, Dreama – I’m in love with and inspired by so many of them, that I’ve lost track!

    I’m looking out from this balcony, taking in the gorgeous fragrance of the sweet blooms and the sweet air, remembering good times from the past, basking in the joy of the here and now, and dreaming and planning future dreams, future plans that will bloom and blossom. It’s a beautiful, full, rich view, from where I’m standing on this balcony.

    I’m also in love with Whidbey Island, and Cary’s place, too.

    As for Eddie, I’m sure he’s been waiting for your most welcomed return – he may not say it in so many words, but he knows that you know how much he loves you.

    Thanks for sharing yet another of your life’s rich tapestries, Dreama. Beautiful!ReplyCancel