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I wanted to let you know I received Sunshine Dreams today and am so happy with it! I can’t believe I was finally able to purchase an Eddie painting. –A.P.

…how much I love “Hidden”.  It’s like the door to the ‘secret garden’.  Love,love, love it!  To quote Nikos Kazantzakis (writer of Zorba the Greek),”through open doors,dreams like peacocks stroll”.  What a place to dream…The painting has found its place among my other Dreama’s. –A.P.

Hi Dreama! Well, here it is safe and sound and looking mighty pretty on my kitchen work top (for now)! You’re right that photos don’t do the originals justice – I just adore seeing the light shine on the brush strokes and the colours are stunning in the flesh! Thank you so much for the quick delivery–M.P., England

I love, love, love the two pieces I bought recently.  I have them beautifully framed and prominently displayed in my downstairs foyer/hallway.– M.S.

Yes our painting has now arrived safely and John loves it. At present it is hanging in our bedroom (on John’s side of the bed)  so he can see it when he wakes and at siesta time.  –F.D. of France

I just received your painting today and I can’t believe that it’s even more beautiful in person than on your website.  I just love it! I got the first package including the book and ‘Home Grown Colors’ and all the little extras and the calendar.  Oh, all the beauty is so unbelievable!  It’s like magic.  I just love everything so much.  You enrich my life. –J.R., CA

Just love my painting!  The colors are luscious and happy. –R.B.

Oh Dreama, we are so happy with our painting!  It is supposed to be at my office, but we have it here in our sun room, where we read and can see it every day!  — J.S.


I got my painting and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I do have to confess I carry it all around the house…S.H.


“You’re probably doing more to contribute to animal adoptions than you know! If EVER you loved a cat, you can see why in your portraits.
I can pet them with my eyes”

I love the paintings, a photo can never replicate the real thing, never!  –A.D., Australia

“Rec’d the painting this morning…absolutely exquisite..and so true-to-form, (meaning the pic on-line).. the colors are just so “happy”.. My employees were blown away. I will be hanging it in the foyer of our suite, which is a protected area..not a chance of theft, (although I really want it in my own office with the deep teal walls). We were also so impressed with your packaging, and notecards…”–J.L.

“I’m happy to add my voice to those already cheering your delightful paintings. I’ve said many times that art’s mission, above all others, is to entertain the viewer. You invest yourself so fully in every painterly gesture that even your smallest paintings rate five stars.”–J.S.

I love beautiful things for my house. Your art fits the bill!! I love flowers, sunlight, bright colors..beautiful things. Me, I just know what I like……it seems as if yours is just my taste……I want things that I can pass along that maybe will hold their value or even increase in value. You just allow me to dream a little bit more than I always do…” –C.B.

“…..in our association she was defenitely an artist’s artist, I believe this expresses a lot about her artwork, artists know who the great ones are, whose work we would love to own and collect, Dreama is one of them, and yes I am one of the lucky ones that actually is able to say that I proudly display three of Dreama’s paintings in my home. Thank you Dreama for your gift of art (Joy) that graces my home.

You know that I am one of your biggest fans. Your paintings are delightful, joyful, full of light, and juicy color. Your vibrant strokes makes the paintings pulsate with vigor and life. I treasure my three paintings and look forward to collecting more!
– A.P.

Your charming painting that lives at my house is very small, but it speaks more boldly and with such jazz that it shines off the wall like none of my own paintings hanging nearby. As a painter, your little flowers in a jar inspire me in all the ways I’ve been taught: composition, value, color, and shape. What it offers in addition is the element that eludes me: pizzazz! So it hangs in my studio where I can ask it: “Am I getting closer?”–G.G.


When I am in a bad mood, or the day is not going my way, I can look at it and it immediately gladdens me. The paintings just makes me so happy! I look forward to receiving Dreama’s blog, every day, to see her new paintings. She has so much skill that every one of them is better than the last. I would recommend her art to everyone I meet and I am looking forward to the next one that grabs me and says “I must have you!”Thanks, Dreama, for making a bright and beautiful spot in this world.–C.P.
I love Dreama, and her work. Her paintings are fun and luscious, full of color, life and beauty. Sounds like a description of the artist herself. I have had the privilege of getting to know Dreama and the opportunity to study under her, and have witnessed firsthand how every stroke that lands on her canvas is a reflection of her radiant spirit and love of life. To me, that’s art! I look forward to collecting her work over the years and filling my house with her dazzling work.–K.B.


Meridee and I had a great time unwrapping ‘One Down, Eight to Go’.


It’s like Christmas came early, you cram so many goodies into the box.

By the time we get to take out the painting we’re almost exhausted from all the other goodies to look at!
Thanks for such a terrific painting!

White flag….white flag….I give up! I KNEW I shouldn’t have checked out your latest little painting! It is just so charming and, again, I could not resist it!

We have been collectors of Dreama Tolle Perry Artwork for over 15 years. We value her beautiful artwork more each year. I pass some of Dreama’s paintings in the foyer of Kings Daughters Medical Center and I appreciate being able to have her artwork in our home. Thanks Dreama,
-Jack and Juanita Ditty