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"Daffodils to Go" SOLD

I am leaving for a trip to southern California tomorrow, so this will be the last painting posted before I go. These little daffodils were bagged for me at my local nursery and when I sat them down, I liked the pieces of color on the bag so I decided to leave the flowers in it for the painting.

Spring flowers are always so special to me. I think its a combination of lack of color outside for soooo long and the fact that their time with us is so brief—we won’t see them again for a wholeyear. So we savour them all we can–including painting them!

I am pretty much packed and ready to enjoy some sunshine and visit with all my friends in San Diego. I lived there for 4 years and had a studio in Spanish Village Arts Center, in beautiful Balboa Park. There are so many talented artists and wonderful people there—I am looking forward to seeing them and what they have been up to artistically. I will be staying with my friend Ginger who is an art lover and inspiring person to be with. I intend to fit in some painting time at the park and hopefully at Mission San Juan Capistrano, which is just up the road a ways.
Then I am heading up to LA to visit with my daughter and soak up all the wonderful things that come with that! California holds so many wonderful people, great art, and inspiring places for me. I hope to bring all of that back with me and put it into my work!

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