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Dream.Love.Paint Registration Opening Again Soon!

It’s finally here!

My online course of painting and inspiration, Dream.Love.Paint will be opening up for you to step inside and immerse yourself in the total experience.

The original folks who jumped in way back in January are giving you their take on it in their comments (100’s of them) and it’s reassuring to my soul that what was created has taken on a life of its own! This is the first time it has been opened for enrollment since January.

In order for you to make the decision that is the best for you, I want to share as much about the course as I can before it opens for enrollment.

BEFORE you watch the Big Project Premiere, I have just one thing to say.


For all the LOVE I have felt coming my way and cheering me on during the journey. May all of it come rushing back to you multiplied many times over!

There’s going to be lots more information coming out about Dream.Love.Paint before it becomes available for purchase this September.


If you’d like to know more AND get a chance at winning a spot in the course itself be sure to sign up on the Preferred ECourse List, after viewing the video above.


P.S. What resonates with you about being part of the Dream.Love.Paint total art experience? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment by clicking here 🙂

Here’s what some of the current Dream.Love.Painters have to say about this course 🙂

This course has been a life changing experience for me as an artist. It has taken me on a remarkable journey into the creative process. Dreama Tolle Perry is a talented artist and gifted teacher who brings a lot of joy into the experience. There is something for everyone, from the novice painter to the professional who wants to learn new techniques, in a nurturing, fun-filled & inspired format! ~ Pat B.

I’m absorbing so much while painting along with Dreama and having so much fun sharing with everyone on FB – this course is my happy place! It’s been the perfect introduction to oil painting for this newbie. Dreama shares her tips, treats and techniques in such an encouraging way, she makes you believe in yourself as an artist and that your work has worth and value to the world. Thank you Dreama, this has been a life changing experience. ~ Marcia B.

I re-entered the world of oil painting just recently after retiring from a 40 year photography career. I’ve taken several painting courses to bring me up to speed and Dream, Love, Paint is by far the best class that I’ve ever taken! My painting has improved by leaps and bounds. My skills, my eye and my understanding of color have improved light years beyond what I have ever imagined! The ability to work on my own time is such a blessing. I love the connection and encouragement with our facebook group too. Dreama, I can’t say thank you enough. BLESSINGS! ~ Beverly T.

I’ve taken many workshops, studied art in college, graduated from art school…been working as an artist in several mediums for years, and yet I jumped at the opportunity to take a workshop from Dreama. Her work inspires me and this was my chance to learn more about it and the artist. Dreama’s workshop is a complete experience …demonstrations, exercises, inspiration, laughter, joy, and friends from all over the world. Dreama’s teaching is clear, comprehensive, and enjoyable. ~ Adele B.

I’ve taken two workshops with Dreama (in Indiana and Kentucky) but what I love about the E-course is the rewind to get a better look at the palette or the brushstroke. We can relax and paint at our own pace and share our work in a private Facebook group for even more inspiration. I’m so glad I enrolled in the class and with the 6th lesson fast approaching I’m asking “Will there be another?” As someone who is always so full with questions, I have been delighted to hear Dreama call out the names of her colors used with specifics such as add just a tiny bit of Indian Yellow. If you want to learn about oil painting I don’t think you’ll find a better course online. ~ Nancy S.