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"Eddie is 40 Percent "Off"–Which Explains A Lot"

Well, I have some pretty doggone exciting news.
After many hours of long work (me–working, Eddie–napping)
Dreama’s Print Shop
is loaded up (110 images if you’re counting)
and ready to roll out….
Fresh Cut Flowers
(Gallery–Click on Image)
Catalicious Cats, 
(Gallery–Click on Image)

Eddie and Phyllis
(Gallery–Click on Image)
Lavender Fields Galore
(Gallery–Click on Image)

and Places We Love in France and Italy
(Gallery–You know what to do:)
Now all available at Dreama’s Print Shop!
And you are not going to believe this part,
 starting this very minute
Eddie has agreed to a 40% discount
good ’til Midnight (11:59 to be exact)  December 11th, off  your order.
You just have to put in Sleighbell40 as the promo code on your checkout.
 And delivery is guaranteed by Dec. 24!!

I think (know) that Eddie is working hard to redeem himself on Santa’s list, which explains the big kick-off sale:))).
Personally, I haven’t been this excited since Eddie told me had gotten a job that required him to be on the road all the time (it didn’t work out as it involved being a long distance hauler and Eddie got fired for trying to shift gears using his tail)….but that’s a whole other story.

And tell them Ed sent you
(he says according to Phyllis, he has to have some really big numbers to get off Santa’s naughty list.…)

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