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"Free Wheelin’ in Italy/ 2011" SOLD

“Free Wheelin’ in Italy/ 2011”
6 x 6in oil on museum quality panel
There’s just something about a bicycle.  And Italy.  Bicycles are so carefree.  Tied to our inner kid (remember those days–when the biggest order for the day consisted of what you were going to make believe and then enact??), requiring no gas, insurance or license to operate.  Marry that to the thought of a warm summer day in Tuscany, you on your trusty bicycle with no “to do” list for the day–well, I think that pretty well says “slice of heaven”…:))
Have a heavenly moment just by closing your eyes and reminding your heart how to be a kid again.  And maybe take your hands off the handle bars…just for a moment!

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