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"Garth Brooks Wants You to Know….."

I know…the headline caught my attention, as it did Ed’s, as evidenced by the donning of the cowboy hat…

Even in the midst of workshop preparation (which starts in the morning) I couldn’t resist. And I’m glad that I didn’t.  Knew I wanted to share it so I asked the writer, life coach Erika Isler, if she would be so kind as to guest post on my blog.

And she said YES!  (Don’t you just love that word:)))

So here is Erika

Erika and Friend:))

And here’s what she had to say: 

LAS VEGAS-So I’m composing this note to you while sitting in a bar in the lobby of the Luxor Hotel in Vegas (I added a dateline to make it look more official.)

I’m in the city because I had an idea a few months ago to gift my brother a really fun birthday celebration and take him to see Garth Brooks at the Wynn. We’ve both been fans since the early 90s and have seen him live a few times together over the years.

I know I’m viewing this experience from the point of view of a long-time fan, but there were several things about the two-plus-hour concert that brought home some truths for me. Here they are for your consideration, in no particular order:

Truth #1-Whatever you were born to do, you must do. Brooks’ early days in music were not easy. There were countless rejections and equally as many failures, but he kept showing up and kept at it. The result? Critical acclaim, a worldwide fan base, an early retirement and now, the ability to work exactly the way he wants, which is only in Vegas in a limited number of shows per year.

Truth #2- Don’t believe what is said about you; focus on what you believe. There will be a lot of people in your life that don’t agree with your plan. (See above about failures and rejections) They may tell you why you should play it safe and how you should retrofit your ideas to suit the world. Ignore them, even if they’re people you love and respect. Work your plan anyway. Don’t ask for permission and don’t seek approval; do your part and do it well. Really well.

Truth #3-Pay attention what you loved as a kid and consider what that might mean for you today. Brooks shared that he was always paying attention to music-to lyrics, to melodies-to the way that popular music changed and morphed and expanded from the mid 60s on. His memories of the music his parents and siblings brought into the house sharpened his musical awareness, which were no doubt the early seeds of what he would later create on his own.

Truth #4-Gratitude and authenticity matter. Express them both. Throughout the show, Brooks reminded everyone in the 1,500-seat auditorium that he wouldn’t be where he was without their support. Then, when several strings on his acoustic guitar broke halfway through a song, he kept going. He kept playing. Even if it sounded a bit off, he stayed with it until the end.

At the end of the song, the audience rose to its feet in a standing ovation. Brooks joked about an interview that he’d done with Larry King last year. After watching the performance, King had commented Brooks’ fans were great because they knew all the words to all of his songs. “That’s not what makes you great,” Brooks said at our concert. “What makes you great is that even when I suck-like I just did-you still give me a standing ovation.”

Truth #5-Make your success your own. I’m not suggesting everyone can reach the level of worldwide entertainer such as Garth Brooks. The truth is, most of us won’t. And that’s totally fine. But the other side of that truth is we all can follow his map to our own destination. We all can determine what it is that we truly love to do and do it blindingly well. Starting a business? Pay attention to the experts, but make sure your company represents your values. Raising kids? Your contribution to the future of the world is critically important when you’re a mom. Don’t minimize the work you’re doing and just how hard it can be.

Remember, Garth Brooks’ mom was just raising her child; she wasn’t intentionally grooming a superstar. But in reality, that’s actually exactly what she did–she raised an internationally acclaimed songwriter/performer that made his own dent in the universe.

Remember, no one can be you and you cannot be anyone else. What a relief to understand the value and promise in that truth.

If you enjoyed reading this, you can let me know–or better yet–tell Erika yourself:))  Just follow the link…  http://www.erikaisler.com

Thank you Erika!!

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 And one final thing—Eddie’s favorite Garth song (which, btw, Ed claims was written about him–something to do with him living so close to the ground….)  “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places”...click here:))

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  • june in ireland - November 11, 2011 - 8:01 pm

    This was just what I needed to read yesterday, on my birthday. Absolutely perfect timing. Uplifting, encouraging, unbounded positivity.

    All of those truths resonated with me deeply, but Truths 1 and 3 confirmed to me what I’ve known since I was a young girl – that I love art, and I love painting and drawing, and that no matter what, I must do this. Art is what makes me happy….even when I get frustrated with my art, it still stirs such emotion in me, that I know I’m on the right path and taking the journey I was meant to take….if only I listen to my inner artist (and not my inner critic) and follow on that journey.

    Thank you Dreama, and thank you Erika, so very much. This blog post made my birthday that much more meaningful, and I am that much more appreciative and grateful of everything I have in my life – including my creative journey).ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - November 10, 2011 - 9:47 pm

    Rose and Tina–it was good for me to hear as well. So glad you enjoyed it–I forwarded your words onto Erika. Thanks for saying and sharing your thoughts:))


  • Tina Marohn - November 10, 2011 - 8:44 am

    Thank you for sharing these supportive and uplifting words. I needed to hear them this morning.ReplyCancel

  • Rose Altom - November 10, 2011 - 8:24 am

    What a wonderful and encouraging message! Thanks!ReplyCancel

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