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“Gettin’ Webby With It/ Part II”

View from My Office
Okay, I realize that this post is late, but look at the view from my office.Exactly.

I cannot get any work done here.

Due to that and the fact that local police have now surrounded the building–

(evidently that “squatter’s rights” thing has been way overrated) I have no choice but to get my buns headed back to Kentucky and the Eds.

So….why a new website, why now?
Why did I think a perm was a great idea back in the day?
I have no idea.
Okay, actually I do.  The perm was intended to help balance out that GIANT COLLAR AND BOW I WAS WEARING.
But back to the tale of the new website.Have you ever tried living in two places at the same time? Two zip codes, two roofs, two places to keep straight?I have been online for 4 years with two addresses.  Yep, two.  Don’t ask.

My website proper (http://DreamaTollePerry.com)

And my blog (http://DreamaTollePerry.blogspot.com)

Which is like having someone over for a drink and having them go to the other house for ice.

Or doing a sleepover when the only working bathroom is at the other location.


Well, you get my drift:)

I don’t like doing housekeeping for two places and I really don’t like sending my friends away for ice.  I decided last year that I wanted everything under one roof, one almighty url/zip code!

My single biggest reason for changing it all up though was…. I wanted more choices on the look of it.  I wanted a site that could grow with me.

It’s my “home” online.  I have friends over.  I wanted it to be inviting.  I wanted to be able to move the furniture around and hang new curtains:))

The kind of place you might just kick your shoes off, sink into the “sofa” and stay awhile with me:))

In short I needed it to feel more like my house.

So with the help of some really talented people, including my daughter Desiree—I have ended up with a new home for my Eddies, art and friends to hang out that feels, as Goldilocks would say, just right!

If video does not appear, click here:)
Get your red dress out and be ready to “come on-a my house”:)))

My new “home” is almost ready for guests, as in— plan on swinging by Sunday afternoon for some “candy”!

P.S.  A tech question that one of you savvy artists posed me was what I thought of FASO (FineArtStudioOnline) —the folks I have had my website with for the past four years but am now leaving.  I still think, based on my personal experience, they are the best way to go if you are just getting started and are intimidated by the whole online experience—my reason being they have the best tech support ever!  (They now offer the blog, newsletter and website all in one–which was not an option when I first started with them, at a reasonable monthly fee.)

Depending on your level of understanding and comfort with being online AND  how much time you have to devote to the learning curve involved —all of this should be what helps you decide what is best for you.  The important thing to do is launch—don’t wait.  Find what is the best fit for you and just do it:))



  • Carolyn smith - February 6, 2013 - 5:22 am

    Love your new painting! Its just ust the most beautiful color combinations you have created!ReplyCancel

  • susandrawbaugh - February 3, 2013 - 2:16 pm

    Dreama, Love your new site! … and ALWAYS enjoy your warm, witty, and welcoming posts! I’m a humorous illustrator —- or maybe I should reword that: I’m an artist who does humorous illustration work — so, of course your writing always makes me chuckle. Such a talented lady! Thank you for all that you teach :o). …. so inspiring!ReplyCancel

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