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"Good Ideas and Perfect Timing"

Good ideas don’t come along everyday
I’m not saying the above is a good idea,
just so you know.
It’s Thomas, my nephew.
And I would like to think he’s the odd duck in the family
Except that doesn’t explain his mother in photo below.
But back to the good idea and perfect timing.
The Artist’s Toolbox

digital download, filled with all the tools you need to get your art business up and running, 
 is ready for you!

Ready for you to use it as an easy to read
guide/ planner/ motivator
for creating the art life you are ready for.
And you can have it.
Right now.
Instant gratification for under 20 bucks:))
The digital version is here!
To read, take notes, scheme and dream with:))
My sis making “big” plans…..
To be ready to head into 2012 and make it your year of promise.

Available this minute as a PDF download that may be viewed and read on:
your home computer,
Nook, etc.
And in case you need reassurance, here’s what some folks (and they are not related to me) have  to say about my book,
The Artist’s Toolbox:
Dreama, just finished your “Toolbox” book. It’s terrific. if you knew me you’d be pleasantly surprised. I’m one of those non-readers you mention. I’m an instant info, instant gratification type. Yours is a cover-to-cover-er.
….your book is the most forthright wisdom I’ve read in some time; particularly the techy stuff…the whos, whats and wheres. I’ve dog-eared about every other page. Seriously; absolutely terrific book.
I’m going to read your book AGAIN!! I absolutely love it. Of course, it’s all marked up by now, but it’s only for me to see, so that’s alright!
The Toolbox is a gem. I have to laugh because I gave a presentation to a local art group yesterday and before I walked out the door I almost forgot …pg 19 ….. You may not have been there with me physically but you were in spirit tapping me on the shoulder!!
Just wanted to tell you I love the book!!!

This is a time sensitive offer. 
Your artistic life is waiting:))
Operators are standing by to take your order:)))

P.S.  “This is one artist’s approach (namely…me) on getting serious about the marketing of art. It is written with those artists in mind who have been wanting to get started– thinking of websites, blogs and more— but were at a loss as to where to begin. I have pared down the vast array of information out there to what I have found to be the most direct, simple way to get started. I have included my favorite resources to draw upon as you move forward with getting your business side of art up and running.
I wrote this book from where I started a few short years ago….barely managing the “you’ve got mail” portion of my computer..:)) When I taught this info, before I did the book, I realized that a lot of the people that wanted to get started, were in the same boat as me. There were bigger, fatter books on marketing your art, but I felt they could be overwhelming when you are just discovering what in the heck a blog is in the first place..:)) This is my best, straight line advice, on getting your art business up and going.”

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