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"Gratitude Adventure"

I came across an idea today that just clicked with me.  For 30 days, the mission is to post, in some fashion, (via blogging, facebook, email, twitter, a card, phone call,etc.)– 30 thanks.  One a day.  That I can do (no matter how busy, no matter what’s going on)!  I have noticed before in my life, that the more accounting I do of all the things in my life to give thanks for, the more and more things I notice that I’ve been overlooking! 
For a bit of inspiration and to learn more about this great adventure (I am secretly hoping you will join in:), click here.
So here goes~
#30Thanks Day 1:
The directive for today was to give thanks for (and to) a friend.  Well geez louise–why did it have to be the hardest one first???  That alone could take up the entire 30 days and then some…:)) — I am blessed with so many remarkable people in my life! 
There is one special person though that has stuck with me through thick and thin, believed in me when I was a non-believer..:)) and has held his own with Eddie throughout the years— my husband of almost 20 years, Ron.  Today I give thanks for Ron.  It’s me ‘n’ you, baby!  Thanks for being your amazing self and for making each of my days full of sunshine and love..:))!

Me ‘n’ Ron

Now it’s your turn–join me for 30 days of thanksClick Here!

In other news–my workshop in Maysville, KY starts Wednesday (and yes–I will be doing the Artists Helping Artists radio show on my lunch break on Thursday..:)) Speaking of which, this week’s topic is “Who’s Buying Art?” (which should be entertaining and educational..:) and next week’s guest is …drum roll please…..acclaimed artist, Scott Christensen!!! It is amazing how the show just keeps growing and we are so fortunate to keep widening the circle of guests. We are moving towards our 30th show and learning with each one ways to improve it and make it more of a service to our art friends–and havin’ some serious fun in the meantime.:) 

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