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"Island Workshop/ 3 Days in 2:22 minutes!

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There are so many ways to say fun, joy, sunshine, smiles.

Today I am choosing just one.


How do you spell Fun???
Sandy, Linda, Starr, Joanne, Dottie, Marjorie, Mohndera, Mary, Lyn
Vicki, Leigh, Laura, Joyce, Nancy, Amy, Rebecca, Mary Anne, and Janet!!!

I never get over the thrill of seeing how quickly beautiful art can happen.  These artists came open minded and ready to take on the challenges of learning how someone else (me:) goes about making a painting.

And as you can see—they were up to the challenge!

And no workshop is complete without a round of musical easels:)))  
18 paintings in 40 minutes!
I missed getting photographs of the very last works they did– you will just have to trust me when I say–  there were  beautiful ocean scenes, cats, dogs, sunflowers and more!

My three days with this group of talented artists went by oh so fast. I am one happy gal indeed– just count it up…
Artists full of life, talent and joy
Balmy weather
All by the ocean:))

*The fresh lobster and homemade key lime pie hasn’t hurt either….but I will save that for another post:)))
P.S.  I think we will be back next year, same time, same place—stay tuned if you’d like to join us!!

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