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It’s JuNk DrAwer FriDAy! No.5


Let the Randomness Begin:

I used to have big shoulder pads, big hair, cell phones the size of a brief case AND big speakers.  Well, along with shrinking hair, shoulder pads and cell phones—I’ve scaled back on my speakers:))  Pictured below, this little jewel plays the music on my iPhone anywhere I need it….including my hotel room and at my workshops…and it’s only about $22.

For Extra Fun:  Pretend Like It’s a Boom Box— annoy others, embarrass your friends and family! Hook phone to speaker, set speaker on shoulder,  head out to a public area to do some impromptu dancing…:))))  It’s been added to my Amazon store, if you’d like to check it out, just click here.
Summer Pick:
I love these little guys–the petite 8 oz glass bottles of Coke-Cola.  
I keep a 6 pack in the fridge–just a guilty little pleasure— I use an old fashioned bottle opener, pop the top and sit and sip a spell on the back porch.  Cheap Thrills:)))  If you can’t find them in your local area, you can order the minis online at DrSoda…just click here:)

Speaking of Drinks:
If you like Frasier, if you’ve ever felt nervous ordering your coffee…this one’s for you:))

If video doesn’t appear, click here to view:)

Two Dollars a Day (Well, Maybe Three):


I have been reading/following Chris for a few years now and he has put his traveling self where his mouth is, so to speak:))  Where would you really like to go for maybe $3 a day?? Click Here!  
Me and Mini Me:
We are 10 days and counting since the arrival of one Eddie Pierre.  

The mentoring program has begun.  I am not sure what was being taught here…I am also fairly certain I don’t want to know.  I find not making eye contact and humming quietly to myself helps reduce the stress of having two Eddies in the house…..

And there you have it.  An affordable escape plan, twin fur jackets, bottled memories that you can drink,  java tips and tiny tunes.  Just some more random items to add to your mental junk drawer;))!  Have a delightful week-end!


  • Dave Casey - June 4, 2012 - 8:39 am

    My $3 a day trip would be a tour of Italy as an artist. Just don’t tell my girlfriend. She’ll whoop on me until it happens. 😉ReplyCancel

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