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Even though I have roses to paint (an early Mother’s Day gift) I chose to squeeze in the lilacs, knowing that they are quickly passing. The slightest move of them and they let loose a fragrant shower. The blooms are each so tiny–the challenge is to paint “them” without painting each individual bloom. Remembering that the silhouette or outside edge is what “tells” us what we are seeing, helps. So I mass them in and then pick out a few to actually detail in. That is the beauty of painting versus a photograph. Giving you just enough to excite you , then letting your own eyes and heart fill in the details.
This past week I had a bunch of fellow artists over to my house to hang out, eat pizza, and talk shop. It was time well spent. I meant to take photos, but was enjoying myself so much–I forgot. They are such a group of talented artists who genuinely work very hard at what they do. Each one brings their own unique perspective on life and art to their paintings. I will be posting links to their websites, so keep an eye out for them! For now you can see Dan McGrath and Bob Sanford at Gallery B, Ann Pass at the Artists Attic and David Soileau at his website.
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  • susan r - May 14, 2009 - 11:05 am

    This is wonderful Dreama! Very lush and loose.ReplyCancel

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