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"JuNk DrAwer FriDAy!" No.8


Let the Randomness Begin:

CAUTION…Wet Paint:
Traveling with wet paintings can be tricky business.  Right up there with giving Eddie a hug while wearing a black shirt:))
For my trip to France, I used the 8 x 10 size of RaymarArt Carriers, which carries six wet panels at a time, back to back, with spacers in between.

My colorful painting gear–the gray box is the wet panel carrier from Raymar:)!

They are so doggone light-weight that they won’t add any more lbs. to your luggage, but they will save you from having new “unplanned” work done on your paintings (and clothes) while in transit:))  I added the label to the box, sporting one of my paintings with my website address…cause a girl’s gotta have a  little lavender in her life;)
You can check them out by clicking here. ( These are the carriers I recommend for folks traveling to my workshops:)))

Double Duty:Here I go again, sharing with you, as it were, my amazing secrets for saving money and prepping for world wide travel at the same time…..
I have discovered these jars make for great containers in the studio for mediums, water, etc.

The only thing is they come filled with gelato.  Some folks would consider this a problem, but not people like you and me. We realize it’s the perfect way to prepare ourselves for traveling to places like Italy.
Kind of like the runners do….practicing in high temps and up hills in readiness for the long distance runs.

I figure it would be pure craziness to plan on eating at all the gelato stands one might encounter in Italy, come September, ….UNLESS……I begin working up to it here:))

5 bucks buys a lot of training…..

Love the words and video here by Nic Askew…

There was a time when I
looked for certainty.

Certainty in the outcome
of the events of
my own life.

And then I realized that
there was only one certainty.

And that was that it’s all OK.

That there’s something
that could never die.

And now I realize that
the total uncertainty
of the events of life
is the adventure.

And that’s the wonder.

If video doesn’t appear, click here to view:))

What’s the Point:
For those of us with thick accents and no foreign language skills, the perfect book has been born.  Need to find a toothbrush or buy a banana and don’t know the word?  Just point ’til you get it:)))  It’s small enough to slip in your purse and has 1200 of everyday things you may just need help finding when traveling abroad.  And it’s only 5 bucks:))  To check it out, just click here:)

Summer Job/Bag Boy:
Eddie has been bragging about the job skills E. Pierre is gaining under his tutelage.  I thought it only fair to warn you, in case Pierre turns in a job app at your store.

If video does not appear, click here to view:))

And there you have it.  Bad boy cats raising bag boy kittens,  the point of no return,  gelatothon training, the paintings that got carried away, and the certainty of uncertainty. More than enough to keep you busy for the week-end.  If not, there’s always reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter:))

Me??  I’ll be getting ready for my second Paris Workshop  that starts this Monday.  And cleaning out some containers for mediums for my studio…..

If for some insane reason, you would want to take a workshop with me, I think there are some open spots in the ones that were added last week in places like Jacksonville, FL and Carmel, IN.  You can see ’em by clicking here.

Stay tuned for workshop photos from my first Paris workshop that just ended and the drawing for my monthly giveaway.  You might win a cat!!  (Kidding:))!!

Make someone smile today….. share this post with them:)))


  • Linda Nickles - July 13, 2012 - 10:07 am

    Dreama, I LOVE reading your random bits of information. I also have found those Talenti containers helpful — and I especially love the ones that carry Sea Salt Caramel, yum!!! Looking forward to seeing your work from Paris. Thank you, Dreama!ReplyCancel

  • Gail - July 13, 2012 - 10:01 am

    As usual…you have started my day with a smile. Loved seeing Eddie Pierre’s “baggercising”! One of my cats is obsessed with plastic bags and within seconds of arriving home with one, he attaches himself to the bag licking like a madman. Doesn’t matter where the plastic bag is from….he just loves the taste…go figure! So thinking these bags must have some hidden flavor like fish or catnip…I tasted one to see what this obsession was all about. And…NO, they do NOT taste of anything! So…maybe it’s the feel of it on his tongue. They are precious, aren’t they?ReplyCancel

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