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"Last Workshop for 2009…It’s Been a Great Year!!"

The Maysville workshop is over. I have to say, it was a great note to end 2009 on. I have added so many new wonderful people this year to my life and all because of art! Thank you to each of you (Barbara, Sarah, Betsy, Carolyn, Claudia, Dana, Marilyn, Donna, Ann, Vicki, Joan, Patti, and Pati) for making this workshop such a wonderful experience!

My number one reason for teaching is the desire to help others to allow themselves to (re)discover the joy to be had in simply allowing yourself to create. To leave all the angst, the should haves, the critical voices, outside the door and immerse yourself into the creative flow. I truly believe that is when your real work, your real gift, emerges. When you have joy in the doing, you do it more often. And the “secret” to making incredible art that moves people comes through the making of art. … Lots of it.

So we did our exercise of moving from easel to easel, carrying only our paintbrushes, to work on the “next” painting (copying Leslie Saeta’s wonderful sailboat paintings). Our intention was to practice the art of detachment, to be able to move on in our own studios when doing our painting, detaching from the outcome and being present in the moment. A reminder that we can learn the same lessons when we work on a small canvas and learn it in less time. And training our eye to assess what our painting needs, to go for the big shapes and big designs first. Lots of things to learn in 45 minutes on a 6 x6 panel.

Artists at work (play)!
Betsy is living proof that you can’t keep a good artist down….!

Just a note on some other things. I will be demoing in Morehead, KY next Saturday, November 14 at the Carl Perkins Center. I will be posting the time of day later this week. Also, I am having a joint show with Cate Wagoner at Southern Ohio University in Proctorville, OH. It will be opening December 7 and will hang until the last week of January.
Other than that, I will be keeping my nose to the palette (grindstone) getting ready for my February show at Gallery B in Lexington, KY. Somewhere I plan to squeeze in those holidays….what were they??? Oh yeah, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  • Claudia Finn - November 7, 2009 - 9:51 am

    I hope I can participate in a workshop sometime in the future!~ This is a great lesson.ReplyCancel

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