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The Artists’ Attic — the location of Dreama’s Lexington painting workshops!

Artists’ Attic
401 W Main St, Lexington, KY

From the parking garage

  • Enter the parking garage from the Short Street entrance, located on the corner of Broadway and Short Street
  • The pedway that leads to The Square building is on the 3rd level of the parking garage, so park on the 3rd level of the parking garage, or as close as possible.
  • Cross the pedway and enter The Square building.
  • Proceed to the elevator directly in front of you and go to the 2nd floor.
  • When you get off the elevator follow the corridor around to another elevator on the 2nd floor.
  • Watch for signs that say Artists’ Attic this way on the 4th floor. Take the elevator to the fourth floor and you’re there! (The elevator opens into the Artists’ Attic.)

Parking is $8 per day (less if you eat at The Square and get your parking ticket validated).

From the main entrance of The Square (on Main Street – the ground floor)
The entrance to The Square building has recently changed and is as follows:

  • Turn onto West Main Street off of Broadway – next to Tony’s Restaurant.
  • Enter thru double doors and proceed to the elevator.
  • Take elevator to the 4th floor and your there! (The elevator opens into the Artists’ Attic.)

If your walking from the Hilton or Hyatt the entrance is across street from you at 401 W Main St – just across from the Park area and next to Tony’s Restaurant.

Call Ron, aka Mr Dreama, if you need help: 859-699-4908. (You might want to put him in your phone for future help:)

Click here for more information on The Square.

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