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"My Newest Art Aquisition!"

There were several reasons I had determined in my heart, long before Hedi arrived, that I wanted to add a piece of Hedi’s work to my private collection—all of them equally important to me.
When I first studied with a her a few years back, it was the beginning of another break through in my thinking and approach to art. It was twofold. One was her outlook on the making of art and the other was her use of transparent oils as an initial lay in. Both things opened wide doors for me in my own painting, things which I am currently using in my process.
Hedi is a successful artist having taught at the prestigious Scottsdale School of Art for approximately 15 years…and her workshops are always sold out. She is represented in major galleries from Santa Fe to Martha’s Vineyard. And she is a woman artist—an encouraging sign in a field often dominated by the male species (now, don’t get irate on me, I have a very successful brother who’s an artist and many male artist friends—it is just very good to see and study with a woman who is in those ranks as well!)
And the other reason, just as important, is I now have a “Hedi” lesson to hang on my wall to remind me of…..”Soften the edges, keep your focal point the focal point, gray things as they move to the outside edges of your work and away from the focal point, etc. etc”
So maybe the last and perhaps I do have a most important reason after all, is to say, “Thank you Hedi for having the courage to be yourself, paint your heart, and share your gift.”
Yeah, it’s a Hedi original!

It was a week well spent with many special moments, laughter and funny stories shared, knowledge gained and paintings painted.
Embracing life is a wonderful thing. Go out into this day and say YES to one thing that challenges you, scares you, or makes you squirm a bit. Saying yes to life has its own special brand of power that comes with it.
BIG HUG from me to you.
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  • Catherine Jeffrey - October 15, 2009 - 7:44 am

    Congratulations on such a gorgeous acquisition! And thank you for those uplifting words. I agree that even today, it can be more difficult for a woman artist. But with the right attitude, and accepting the love of creating and doing art for its own sake, we can succeed! (No I’m not on a podium ha)
    And thanks for taking the time to share what you are learning and teaching. It is always an interesting read. Your work is always a pleasure to see.ReplyCancel

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