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I hurried home today with my treasures from Smits Greenhouse (geraniums, tulips, and a sprig of gardenia that smells delicious). One of the tulips that had been closed quickly opened up. I was a bit reluctant to use it, thinking “it doesn’t look so much like a tulip now”. Then as I was arranging things to set up the still life, I noticed how incredible the inside of the tulip was with the light shining in and through it. I quickly decided to go with the flow. The flower had opened for a reason and so the painting began. As it went along, I realized it said a lot about us humans. We sometimes keep ourselves closed up tightly, fearing the worst, not sure we will be liked. And then at some point (hopefully) we realize we can let our true colors shine–and be liked for who we really are. Opening up to life is a beautiful thing. Thank you tulip.
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