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"Purrfection" SOLD

8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel
You have heard, “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.
I have a new one for you.

Never ask Eddie to help name your painting.

Especially if it’s one of him;)
In Other News:

My trip to Italy is looming large!  I will be flying out Saturday, complete with paints, lap top and no Eds.  Yee–haw!  Twelve Ed(s)-Free days.  All I can say is….POOR PHYLLIS.  You might want to drop her some cheese in the mail–I think there may be some emotional eating happening in my absence….
Like any good tourist, I will be mailing postcards. 
Like any self-respecting artiste’ they will be hand-painted;))
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  • Dreama Tolle Perry - August 31, 2012 - 7:11 am

    Thanks June! Eddie is going on vacation too he said….by that I guess he is referring to the fact that I have sent Pierre off for a few daysto get him out of Ed’s hair/fur:))
    I officially pack today:))!ReplyCancel

  • June - August 30, 2012 - 9:28 am

    A very intense looking Eddie in this one. Like he’s genuinely studying the arrangement. I love the gentle blues and purples in this sweet bouquet. Beautiful – you’ve such a gorgeous way with colours. Sometimes when looking at your paintings, after loving the composition and the theme, it’s the colours that always beckon me to linger longer, to drink them all in. Bellisimo!

    Two more sleeps till Italia! Are you all packed? Is Eddie pouting yet?ReplyCancel

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