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"Rose Light" SOLD

“Rose Light”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

Artists have been talking for centuries about the “light” in the south of France:))  I’m not saying it was this particular light but if it was, I totally understand why;)))

And the Fun Continues!

What is it with artists and their brushes??
Like security blankets, we collect and carry them with us everywhere….just in case we need that one particular brush to make that one particular stroke in just the right place;))  This little basket of delight was carried in by one of the artists at the Jacksonville workshop.
And when it comes to repurposing things…artists are one savvy group of people.
–Artist Patty has her paints all organized with a foldable jewelry case…the bottom part is wide enough for her brushes!!
Artists at Work!!

Day Two of the Jacksonville I Workshop paintings turned out so nice!
Musical easels always provides lots of insights, smiles, and in this case….16 paintings in 40 minutes:)

Smiles, Talent, and Generosity!
The Jacksonville Workshop I Artists:))
Diane, Lyn, Valee, Mary, Anita, Julie, Ellen, Gloria, Helen, Brenda, Eve, Terri, Susan, Patty, Michelle, Elizabeth, 
Thanks so much for being part of my life for three wonderful days of doing what artists love to do…
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  • June in Ireland - October 12, 2012 - 5:41 am

    I remember that light in France…warm, comforting, magical. As was the light in Italy, but in a slightly different way. Light is ‘funny’ like that. But yeah, I definitely get what all the art masters were on about when it comes to the light…and also, the subject matter that was everywhere and all around them, as it was for you when you were there.

    As always, all the artists look so happy and definitely following their artistic bliss in your Jacksonville workshop. But of course they would be happy – they’re painting with you!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the workshop, as well as the beautiful ‘Rose Light’ painting. Happiness and light in abundance!ReplyCancel

  • Niharika - October 11, 2012 - 6:36 am

    Love all your paintings

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