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"Scented Doorway–Large Version" SOLD

Here is the big version–20″ x 20″. It is always my quest to keep the larger works with the same feel and spontaneity as the small pieces. They often require a bit more information though–what can be said with one stroke on a 8″ x 8″ panel, needs a bit more information when stretched to a larger size! In this work, I did a couple of preliminary thumbnail sketches to determine how I was going to do the values in the piece. It was late afternoon, with the sun passing over buildings, hitting the walls and flowers tops, leaving the foreground in lower light. I decided to “enhance” and let some light hit the flower pot and bounce back into the door to help direct the eye around the painting (along with some strategically placed fallen petals). And I have to say, I prefer always, painting from life, but thank God for digital cameras–when you’re visiting a place like California, there is always more to paint than you can shake a stick (brush) at!
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