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"Sitting Pretty in Italy" SOLD

“Sitting Pretty in Italy”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

Today was Day 1 of my workshop in Maysville,KY.
Nearly an hour drive through the heart of the country, my day started with view after view of those kind of things  that bring a calm and steadiness to the heart.
Foggy mists lying in valleys low, strong morning sun streaming through colorful trees–and a few cows that looked my way, albeit a bit disinterestedly:)))
It was a great way to ease into my next to last workshop for 2011.
I feel so honored to meet and teach the people that somehow have found their way into a workshop with me:))  Their energy, their beingness, is truly a gift.

And who would have guessed.  Eddie…in an attempt to clean up his bad boy reputation–ACTUALLY SENT FLOWERS!!!

Well, actually, it was Rosemary—with Rosemary Brand brushes attached–and they weren’t sent, they were delivered in person by artist Barbara Lowry who said Phyllis was part of the game plan too.  I actually think Barbara and Phyl put it together.  I can’t imagine Eddie thinking of someone besides his own little furry self.
Guess I’ll find out when my bill hits.  If he indeed was the gifter, he will have, no doubt, gifted me via my own credit card—that’s how Ed rolls.
And I can’t wait to try the new brushes!!  I have a feeling Eddie was only on board for those because he thought it would be a “brush his fur” kind of brush…
Workshop photos heading your way, so stay tuned:))  Wish you were here painting with us!

In Other News:  “Dreama’s Favorite Art Stuff”  I get emails asking about lots of things– from how I photograph my work to what colors I use on my palette and what books do I think are the best–so I have created a little store with just those kinds of goodies in it:))  My favorites and why.  You can have a peek by clicking here.

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