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Sky Blue, Roses Red, Heart Full

“Sky Blue, Roses Red, Heart Full”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

This little path to home lies in your dreams of France.  Roses to scent your way and nothin’ but blue skies to surround you!


Some End of Year Thoughts on Teaching….

It has been a feast this year.  Painting with artists from all around the country— some from as far away as Brazil and Italy–and taking some on the road with me to France!  The humor, the smiles, the sharing, the sincerity, the honesty, the intensity, the paint, the spills, the dancing, the aha moments, the food, the toasts, the cupcakes, the music, the weather, the stories…in a nutshell—it has been more fun than is probably legal!

 When you hear each artist’s story shared, you come to realize how brave, unselfish, giving, and incredible they truly are.
Artists all.

The fact that I have the rare privilege to do what I do is not lost on me.
Teaching is an humbling experience—I am just here to share what I know for a little while 🙂

So many beautiful people.
It’s such a JOY to see so many  honoring their creative gifts
and to be a part of it…well, it just doesn’t get any better than that.
With a full heart I just want to say thanks for sharing the journey with me this year—here’s a quick look back at all the artists I was privileged to meet and paint with in 2013!!


Cary, North Carolina Workshop II

Lynda Chambers, my hostess for this workshop in Cary, NC kept everyone supplied in smiles, amazing food…and cupcakes!  (Both Cary, NC workshop artists were treated to cupcake shaped treats for their tub time 😉 !

And here’s some of the beautiful colors that showed up in the work of these artists on the very first day of the workshop!

And a second day’s bounty, obviously a day well spent 😉



And here’s a look at the hands, hearts and smiles that pulled off all the great art you see here:

The Gang!!  
Yvonne, Hannah, Kathy, Jane, Lynn, Nancy, Betsy, Brenda, Sherry, Jessie, Susan, Gretchen, Wendy, Katie, Jaquelin, Kati, Lynne,  Challis and
Lynda Chambers (My “Angel” Host for this workshop).



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  • jobi - November 27, 2013 - 1:35 pm

    Hi Dreama! I was so excited to get your latest blog post! I was out and about and couldn’t wait to get home to savor the video! I was determined to save it until I could give it my full, undivided attention. Well, sure enough I hit PLAY and hubs decides to start engaging me in a meaningful conversation…. I can’t tell you how hard it was to nod my head and pretend to be listening to him, all the while enjoying your lovely video. He just didn’t get it! I actually verged on PO’d – his timing was so awful! I feigned interest in him pretty well and then rewatched the video a couple of times later! And loved the video, I love the newest painting and just love, love, love all the joy you bring to my life. Thank you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh, and hubs asked me to see if you have a nice holiday station recommendation. (We all adore Pink Martini Radio and he wants something as fun for the holidays that’s not the norm. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!) xoxo Hugs from New Mexico!ReplyCancel

  • Dreama - November 21, 2013 - 2:33 pm

    June–your long distance support is always so appreciated! Who’d a thought I’d have a friend in Ireland that I’ve never met but grown to love through her words?! Hope you know how special you are June of Ireland :)))ReplyCancel

  • june - November 21, 2013 - 12:10 pm

    This beautiful painting is my newest and latest favourite. I am walking up that path that leads me to inner joy.

    Although I wasn’t able to be at these workshops, I was there in ‘spirit,’ though – through your words and all the photos of the wonderful artists and their beauty-filled creative expressions throughout the year.

    Thank you – to all the artists this year – that allowed me to enjoy some of that happiness and fun that you all enjoyed while there with Dreama. And thank you most of all, Dreama – for the joy your art brings me (and all of us) throughout the year.ReplyCancel

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