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"The Cow Came Back" SOLD

This little cow always gives me fits……why I continue to be lured back in , yet again, is a mystery that only the cow knows. Her lips are sealed I’m afraid–always poised as if ready to speak—she never let out one single moo while I was working. And man, she can hold a pose forever. She’s the perfect model. That must be the reason I pulled her out of retirement….that and she works cheap. I swear, I think she gained weight since the last time I painted her. Must be all that dairy. Think maybe she’s lactose intolerant???
I have been busy this morning getting all my newsletters archived with content and easily accessible for anybody who wants to read one they might have missed or follow up on any of my brilliant ideas in them. Here’s the link to check out my handiwork! (I use Constant Contact to do my newsletters with–if you are interested in doing your own newsletter, contact me before you sign in and we both can get a $30 credit on our accounts….sweet!)

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