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When You Buy

My paintings are shipped USPS Priority Mail and come handsomely packaged, ready to enjoy or give as a gift!

As a way of letting you know just how much it means to me when you purchase one of my petite paintings, I wanted to give you something back. I thought and I thought and I thought and then (with no help from Eddie I might add) I got it. It was so easyel (that’s your hint) I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner (the best ideas are always so obvious…after you think of them..)

A little something to park your newest art acquisition on so that you can set it out and start enjoying it right away. An easel!!

The easel allows you to tuck your painting into all kinds of neat places–at work on your desk (to provide a daydream break),  kitchen counters so you can pretend you’re cooking in your home in Italy, in your bedroom so you can escape for just a bit longer to that quiet garden in France…you get the picture (no pun intended). You don’t have to frame it unless you want to (and they do look really great framed)–you now have options..:))

So there you have it. Now when you buy your next Dreama original, you get not only the painting, but an easel for it….and a virtual hug from me..:))

Life is good!!

Please Note–Original works always look even more beautiful when viewed in person, but if for any reason you would wish to make a return my policy is as follows:

If painting is returned in its original condition within 30 days of buyer receiving it, I will return money paid minus fees (PayPal ) and shipping.