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Workshop Comments

  •   “I have taken a number of workshops and this is the absolute best! I just want to get to work with you again…”


  • ” ..preparation thorough-you thought of everything -to encourage body, mind and spirit…thanks for the inoculation of good attitude!”


  • “Thank you again for such a wonderful workshop. I enjoyed it immensely and learned so much! I feel like I now have some better tools in my toolbox to carry on with my art and explore the new technique we learned from Dreama. The greatest gift I received from this workshop was tapping into the soul of the subject and learning how to tap into my soul to bring that out in my painting. It’s always been my goal to “let go” in my art and not focus on technique or accuracy, but to bring the life, soul and personality of the subject to life on the canvas. I certainly feel that Dreama was supportive of this and helped me to work on this. My paintings improved drastically day to day and I now feel much more confident I will be able to hone that ability to bring life to my paintings and produce lovely artwork that makes me very happy to do and makes others happy to see.”


  • “It’s the third day and I don’t want to leave”


  • “Totally new experience–I will value what I have learned. So fresh and exciting”


  • “Your teaching method pushes us in the right direction–you have talent to connect with your student that brings out the best. Thank you so much, you have given me new insight about myself and painting. You are a very generous instructor, especially with your knowledge.”


  • “I can’t imagine how it could get better. You are a wonderful person and teacher”


  • “I can’t thank you enough for how much I’ve now come along given your instruction at the workshop. I had a huge epiphany on technique when I got home and had a chance to paint some more, and the passion to paint and enjoy “the process” has been amazing!I learned so much and I can’t wait to go home and paint!”


  • “You are a wonderful instructor, very inspiring.”


  • “I had so much fun and you were as graceful and precious in person as I imagined you would be from following your blog and listening to all the radio shows. I do feel I have learned some ways to add some fun color to my paintings. I am such a “literal” person that it was good for me to see ways to expand my reference photos I take and those scenes I paint when outside with some more interesting shapes and colors.”


  • “I’m so envious of all that wonderful talent at your workshop. You did it. You pulled all that talent out of their souls.””We both agree that your workshop was the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you so much!!!!!


  • “One thing that stood out to me you shared with the class you said that everything we paint has merit it is worth the time it has been given. When you said that it reached a core with me to value everything I do….”


  • “This one (workshop)reached a whole new level. As much as your talent and skill, I appreciate your humor and insights…….”.


  • “Just wanted to say what a positive and enlightening experience this has been…”


  • “Your workshop was a great learning experience. The paint along was good for me. It kept knew ideas fresh andallowed time to use them before I lost them. It give me a new perspective and freedom …thanks so much, you don’t know what you done for me ………yet! “


  • “Very inspiring and empowering!”


  • “This was a wonderful workshop—could not have been better!!”


  • “I thought you were warm, generous, energetic, and a great teacher. This was the perfect experience for me, at a time that I’m starting a new chapter in my life….You gave me that “jumpstart” for a change that will make me better.”


  • “You have such a great sense of humor and I am sure I have not laughed as much in another workshop before!”


  •   ” Because the teaching was amazing I learned about ME and what I can take and apply for ME….I have always only wanted to paint like I should paint, I am really enjoying finding my strengths and style……”


  • “….nourishing the spirit of the artist while giving wonderful instruction.”


  • “I can’t remember a time that I had at a workshop, that I enjoyed as much.”


  • “Dreama, you have the right approach for having great workshops.”


  • “I enjoyed your class so much. As for the class, I learned, you build my confidence…..”



  • “I am still reeling with the sheer joy of this workshop.”


  • “I have been wanting to take a workshop with Dreama ever since I started painting again. Her beautiful use of color in her paintings always draws me in and the stories she writes along with them always make me smile. I was not disappointed at all and in fact, I would go back again and again just to study with her and hang out in the atmosphere she creates in her workshops. “


  • “She (Dreama) is such a kind and graceful person, and immediately puts you at ease when the workshop begins with her attitude and humor. Also, she infuses so many pearls of wisdom throughout the workshop, you can’t go home thinking anything else of your art but that you have something special to tell the world and you better get busy doing it! “


  • “Dreama, I want you to know that I enjoyed the workshop in Marco Island more than I ever thought possible! You are such an inspirational teacher. I feel reinvigorated to create, create, create! It was truly a joyous experience from the demo’s to the ladies that attended. I can’t wait to take another next year. …. If I could bottle your joy & enthusiasm and bring it home I would have. I’ve already created my mailing list, reworked my website and am working on my blog.”


  • “Here I am, up here, still floating on cloud nine ever since the workshop. Talk about being in the right place…that was pure JOY. I couldn’t help smiling because everything you said about art, life, heart really resonated with me. I loved hearing your upbeat positive philosophy because I really needed a shot of that. The convincing part was YOU! You are truly a life model of your teachings, and that gives us hope that what you are saying is really true! It relates to all of us. I came away with valuable information, but, better still, I have an improved positive attitude. It has been a long time since I felt this pure joy about my painting life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep going. You have so much to give. I am just so grateful to be one of the beneficiaries!”



  • Dreama is a wonderful teacher, in touch with the individual’s level as an artist & able to meet each of us there. She is an excellent communicator, teaching the spirit & love of the process of art as much as the technique behind her luminous paintings. The projects were fun, while still challenging. I was so uplifted when the class ended. I’ve not felt such an extreme level of commaraderie and sharing in a class before. I have a lot of new tools in my toolkit to take with me on my artistic journey. (Plus I have made a lot of new friends).


  • I just wanted to, again, say thank you for the marvelous workshop experience this past week. It was all so wonderful and besides benefitting from you sharing your beautiful talent, we get to be with delightful you ! I hope to be able to study with you again ~ I came home rejuvenated and so full of ideas.


  • I would attend another workshop with Dreama anytime! She was not only a great teacher, but really an amazing person and kindred spirit! It was SUPER fun, educational and I made many new friends. Please host another workshop with Dreama this next year so I can continue to learn and grow in my art!


  • I just wanted to say, again, what a wonderful time I had at our five day workshop. Great participants, set up, Carrie as a host, just everything. But most of all, it was your presence, your vision, encouragement, and your loving and generous approach to painting, to people, and to teaching that will stay with me.



“The best instructor in the universe!”

So if you needed one more reason to study with me, there it is.

According to Eddie I am officially much smarter than I look. I think he meant that as a compliment???


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