16 Nov



What is feared
That we won’t be enough of whatever is required
What is true
There is no other way
The cost  of singularity

Going it alone
Standing alone
Taking the road that has yet to be built
The value of singularity
It’s a solo act, the spotlight is on you
You make up the rules
There is only one and baby it’s you
One voice
One path
One outcome
Singularly, amazingly perfect.
One singular you.
Singularity in Action
Susan Boyle
One singular lady with one singular dream.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful for beautiful weather for all the people traveling for Thanksgiving Day, may it continue.

    Karen Chamblin

  2. Today I am grateful for an unexpected free-lance opportunity and a reconnection with someone whose “spirit” delights.

  3. Cathye Edwards

    I’m thankful for the lessons still being taught by our (almost) 92 & (almost) 95 year-old mothers, as well as those presented by our
    4-almost 3-2-and ONE year old GrandDarlings. Not always easy, but it’s what makes for a full life.
    Thanks, Dreama, for encouraging us all to pause and give thanks for what’s right in front of us. Happy early Thanksgiving.
    Cathye Edwards

  4. I am thankful for a sunny, beautiful day and spending it with my sweet 20 month old grandgirl.


  5. It’s hard to pick one thing to be grateful for when there are so many blessings in my life. I think I am very fortunate to be able to spend my time doing the things I enjoy with people I enjoy. I am very contented.

  6. Anonymous

    I had heard Susan Boyle before you, Dreama, brought it to my attendtion again; but when I heard her sing again it made me feel like I had transcended into another world and that I could do anything I put my mind to do. Thank you, Merry Lund

  7. Anonymous

    Today I am thankful for the talent God has given to me. Thankful for Dreama for giving me this opportunity to express it. Merry Lund

  8. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all that I am.
    Brenda Smith

  9. Anonymous

    Today I ammost thankful for my wonderful daughter who looks at everything in such vibrant color 🙂 thanks, Monica Avila

  10. MDS

    On a whim, before I saw your giveaway, I thought about being grateful for ICE BLUE!
    Ain’t life interesting?

  11. Diana

    I’m thankful for the smell of leaves and the beautiful colors right outside our windows. love,Diana

  12. Anonymous

    I am grateful for today, a beautiful day filled with sunshine… Etta Hermann

  13. Anonymous

    I am grateful to be spending a few days with my niece and nephew who I adore!

    Katherine Fleming

  14. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for my wonderful studio and too many art supplies!
    Charlotte Stewart

  15. I am thankful that our niece is being better today. It has been a beautiful day to get outside and paint.

  16. I’m grateful one of my son’s who was in need of a job was hired today!!

  17. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for my friends and neighbors (as well as my family). A short chat with any one of them cheers me immediately.
    Karen Gifford

  18. Marcia Fox

    Ohhhhhh! How I absolutely, positively, LOVE ice blue! And I also love Susan Boyle! So that’s what I’m grateful for today! Now back to helping my husband clean his shed.

  19. Anonymous

    Today, I am greatful to have relived hearing Susan Boyle’s beautiful voice singing, “I Have A Dream”, again. Tears of joy were streaming down my face…yes, I am very greatful to have heard the message,
    “I Have A Dream”, and apply it to my life and my dreams!
    Barb McClure

  20. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I can see colors!! makes the world exciting!

    Laurie Batzli

  21. I’m grateful for great friends that my husband and I share dinner with on Friday nights.

  22. Anonymous

    So thankful that my mother’s friend who had a stroke on Monday is showing some signs of improvement. vicki morgan

  23. Ginny Good

    I’m grateful that a sweet friend brought me a gift of chai tea and biscuits back from her trip to India!

  24. Grateful to be sitting looking at the beautiful bay even though I am working in a job site.

  25. Nice friends who like to go to matinees when the popcorn is freshest and we have the big screen almost to yourselves.

  26. Anonymous

    I am grateful for you new inspirations every day. I look forward to them and to the chance to start each new day afresh.
    Frances, St Benoit-du-Sault

  27. Gaylynn

    I am thankful to have tickets to see The Wildcats play tonight! Go Big Blue!

  28. Dean H.

    I am grateful for my friends who subtly check to see how I’m doing.

  29. I am thankful today that my daughter calls me when she is in need. Helps me to feel needed. I do wish we were closer to one another…

  30. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for all the many opportunities I have to learn and paint. It is truly a blessing to have painting be my work. Dianne Harrison

  31. Hi Dreama,
    I’m grateful that I was in the workshop in Kentucky when you painted “Pocket full of Sunshine” – so I got to see the joy with which you created it!

  32. Suzanne

    I am grateful for good friends.

  33. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the Montana police for finding the little boy who was abducted yesterday in British Columbia and taken across the border. Amber alters do work.
    Barb Krell

  34. Today I am grateful for friendship. The world would be a lonely place without our varied friendships!Beautiful post Dreama!

  35. Today I am grateful that I live in a place with physiotherapists!! Getting my leg back in shape for skiing after severing my achilles tendon at the end of June.

  36. Thankful for my dog Mattie, even though she chewed up everything she could get to when she was a puppy. A good, furry companion.

  37. I am so thankful you mentioned Susan Boyle. When ever I hear an artist say — no one buys my paintings– I think of Susan. It is not just the packaging, it is the whole package! It has to have ‘heart.’

  38. Grateful my college kid is coming home TODAY for Thanksgiving holiday 🙂

  39. Anonymous

    I am grateful for music and the sense of hearing. Music is a gift from God to enlarge our souls. I am thankful that there are talented people who share this gift and their gift with others.
    Carol Barbian

  40. I am grateful for my husband’s help and support setting up my holiday boutique display last night. He was so patient and encouraging.

  41. I am grateful for a new day to get back into the studio and paint something whether it’s successful or not.

  42. PM in NC

    I am grateful for my friend’s successful surgery.

  43. June

    Today’s post resonated with me so deeply that I found myself becoming quite emotional (read: weepy) while reading it.

    Especially the cost of singularity, where we each take the road that has yet to be built…until we each, by ourselves, build it…and it’s each of us, singularly, who decides how that road is to be built, what direction it will take, how rough or smooth the surface will be, what that road is made of, and who we meet along that road as we, singularly and alone, traverse it. This ensures that the journey, is singularly and uniquely ours.

    Your painting today was so very much needed today, Dreama. I needed that pocketful of sunshine so much today. Thank you for the light and the colour.

    I’m grateful today for my three wonderful cats, who give both me and my wonderful hubby so much love, warmth and affection with no attachments, unconditionally, no complications – just pure love.

  44. Thankful I can shop for hydrangeas at two a.m. No lines!!! Maybe a few around the eyes and mouth from smiling. Worth it.

  45. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the sense of smell. All I need to smell is a box of Crayola crayons to put me in both a creative and peaceful mood. It is one of my all time favorite smells.
    Linda Will

  46. I am grateful for making it through my yoga class this morning with my wonderful teacher.

  47. Terri Wilson Godfrey/Fresh Thyme Design

    I am grateful for time to learn about painting, having a studio space and a husbing who “gets it.”

    Have a great weekend, all!

  48. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for the rain we are having. There is supposed to be several days of it. I love painting in my warm studio and seeing the rain outside doing it’s cleaning.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  49. Grateful for another reminder to seize the day and march ahead. It is never too late to be who you are.

  50. Anonymous

    A new painting DVD that arrived yesterday….and a whole day to devote to my private lesson….:)

    Cathy J

  51. I am grateful for the sunshine radiating on my soul energizing me to stay positive and thankful

  52. I am grateful the Lord gives me a fresh start with dawn of each new day.

  53. Giving back. So thankful that I can.


  54. Anonymous

    I am so grateful for my sweet Cocker Spaniel, Ginger, who gives us so much unconditional love. We adopted her 2 years ago from East Texas Cocker Spaniel Rescue. We are so blessed to have her.
    Carol Morris

  55. Karen

    I am grateful that I could start my day out with a good workout and now the sun is shining on this beautiful crisp autumn day with some good color left on the trees…maybe there is a painting on my schedule today too….that would be fab!

  56. Thankful for a morning off work today, housework that I can crack off, meeting a girlfriend to walk our dogs and an extra cup if coffee in my pj’s before I jump into my day!

  57. Wow- events of last evening and this morning make me so grateful for my health and for my constant drive to remain positive about life.

  58. Anonymous

    I never tire of the Susan Boyle video! Thank you. I am grateful for this day – a day at home with lots of possibilities!

    Judith B

  59. Today I am greatfull for receiving a “Pocket Of Sunshine” through my email this morning. It’s a lovely painting! Thank You for today’s post, each day I am just a little more greatfull……

  60. Anonymous

    Too many things to be grateful for today —
    a run with my dog, Hope, in crisp, cold
    morning air…re-watching this Susan Boyle
    video (been a while) and what a true fairy
    tale — we are all meant to use the gifts
    God has given us, to add to the beauty in
    this world — as you do so well, Dreama.
    Blessings to all,
    Monica Dahl

  61. Anonymous

    Draw, draw draw,draaw, create, create, create, create…but I don’t. Still, something keeps calling to me and pushing at me. Whatever that “something” is, I am grateful for it.
    Dana Burton

  62. LeAnn

    Grateful for friends who are always “there”.

  63. FCP

    #16…soft footsteps across hardwood floor.
    faye christian phillips

  64. Singular = unique = rare and yes we are and I am grateful for that!
    Joan Terrell

  65. I am thankful for this verse from God’s Word that tells me I need not fear, for “He has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”
    2 Tim. 1:7

  66. Jolene Gailey

    Every morning when I wake up and look at the ceiling I am GRATEFUL that I have a roof over my head. I start out the day looking for the unnoticed things to appreciate.

  67. I’m thankful for all of the encouragement flowing my way, like your post on singularity today. Every once in a while, I get discouraged about my art, but God sends “secret messages” like this to me to assure me that He wants me to stick with it. Thanks, Dreama.

  68. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my friends. They are so very special. Love them all for their support and caring.
    Brenda Gibbs

  69. I never thought I’d say this but I am thankful for my computer and the internet. It makes reaching people and researching anything amazingly fast and easy .

  70. Grateful for our floridian time full of sun and luxurious flowers everywhere…

  71. aaahhh….a pocketful of Sunshine! My hike yesterday was bathed in sunshine! How appropriate…it should be snowing here! I’m grateful for the sunshine!

  72. I am thankful that I have a circle of artist friends!

  73. I’m thankful for the rain we had last night, though it was just a wee bit!
    I hope we get more today…we really need it!

  74. Ruth Roberts

    Today I am thankful for KK who is kindly coming to do my floors and some of the heavier cleaning that I have not been able to do since cancer treatment. My guilty pleasure is that I have plenty of strength to paint. It’s only a little brush I must lift.

  75. So thankful for a better day today than yesterday 🙂

  76. I am grateful for a move to Venice, Florida and the opportunity to take a class with Anne Abgott tomorrow.

  77. I am thankful that I had good parents & the precious time we had together.

  78. DLPBR

    I’m grateful for my siblings !

  79. Hey Dreama I’m so grateful I had the chance to attend your workshop in CA.

  80. Dana

    I am grateful for the rain that is falling – we REALLY need it.

  81. I am grateful for singular people like you, Dreama, who are out there showing what it takes.

  82. Anonymous

    Another! sunny winter day. What a delight. No ice, no snow. Gayle Nunn

  83. I am thankful for Stephenie Meyer. Yep, there, I said it. Her books helped me get closer to my niece and sister, she opened a whole new world for writers, and she didn’t hide her talent even when it went against the norm.

  84. C-Rae

    I love being singular. I am grateful for my 4 siblings…Mom and Dad had 5 kids in 7 years. We are all one unit but oh so singular!

  85. Anonymous

    I am grateful for Susan Boyle’s courage to push through to her dream and sharing her amazing talent with the world.
    Linda White, Colorado Springs

  86. Today I am grateful that it is Friday and I get to snuggle with my son on the couch as we watch Ghost Hunters late into the night since we both can sleep in tomorrow 🙂 bliss…

  87. Helen Moran

    Thankful for these posts of yours which are different everyday and have some great inspiration in each of them. Shared with my drawing class.

  88. jen lacoste

    Thankful today for a best friend who will be sharing tomorrow’s spring clean with me. Half the work, half the time and double the pleasure!

  89. Nancy Toth

    I am grateful for all my lists…..they keep me in line!

  90. Anonymous

    I am very grateful to have sold my first large, serious work of art and I am trying to finish a commission that I have bartered for an almost new kitchen stove (or range as some people say). If you had asked me a year ago if this was possible, I would have said no. Hopefully, this is just the beginning! Dreams can come true. S. Simpson

  91. Deb LaRocque

    Today I am grateful for all the teachers in my life that I have been encouraged by and learned from, especially art teachers.

  92. Anonymous

    Today I’m especially thankful for the gift of creativity with paints. The process of using them is a source of pleasure and the ability to give away the paintings is a source of joy.

  93. Anonymous

    Feeling blessed to have something to share today with others – my home. We are having a seminar here about generosity. Makes me so grateful to be able to give to others.
    Sue Lepsch

  94. Anonymous

    I am so grateful for friendships throughout my life. Women friends sustain you, encourage you, laugh with you and cry with you. They are amazing. I am thankful I have a husband who understands this….

  95. I’m grateful for inspiration of Susan Boyle, for she had the guts to follow her dream in a field obsessed with youth and a particular kind of beauty. She has true beauty, created through her own persistence and fidelity to her gift.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto!! Well said. S. Simpson

  96. Anonymous

    I am grateful for beautiful music, some of which I will get to hear at a voice recital this evening at the seminary nearby. Cindy K

  97. I am grateful today for family that gets along pretty well! I’m thankful to be able to stay home and homeschool my son- that time together is precious. I’m thankful for the security of having an honorable police force and military.

  98. This really resonated with me, I am grateful for the thoughts and feelings it provoked.
    The value of singularity
    It’s a solo act, the spotlight is on you
    You make up the rules
    There is only one and baby it’s you

  99. Today I am grateful for a hot steamy shower to start my day. So many others are not so lucky.

  100. I am grateful that you said what you did today about taking the road that has yet to be built. I really needed affirmation on that one!

  101. Anonymous

    I love the fact that I can start over each day with intention!
    Nina Snyder

  102. it"s me

    I am so grateful that each day is a new

  103. After reading your post this evening, I am reminded of how thankful I am for people like Susan Boyle. I can still remember going onto YouTube three or four years ago and watching her performance on Britain’s Got Talent. It still stops me in my tracks when I watch it. I am thankful for people like Susan and how she has shown us how one little lady, from Nowhere Special, Great Britain can dream a dream and go on to make that dream a reality. As I write this I am listening to her heavenly voice on my Andrea Bocelli Pandora station. I thank God for angels like Susan and for teachers like Dreama.

  104. Today, I am grateful for a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and food in the cupboards. These are the essentials. My thoughts are with Sandy victims and how they still might have these essentials back in place in their lives. Wishing it would happen soon for them.

  105. Josephine Y Hardison

    After being a single mom for 18 years, I am grateful to have found a wonderful man that I married almost 4 years ago. Part of the added blessing was his 16 year old granddaughter that loves to drop by and spend the night with us on occasion. Last night was one of those wonderful nights of visiting and seeing the world through the eyes of a 16 year old!!! Love it and so blessed!

  106. I am so happy and grateful that today I can celebrate with my husband our 38th wedding anniversary

  107. I am grateful for God’s unconditional love!

  108. Anonymous

    I am grateful for for another sunny day to paint and create something beautiful for my family and friends.

    Karen Chamblin

  109. So VERY grateful and excited that my kids are coming home!

  110. Sue Taylor

    Love today’s message! Susan Boyle is such an inspiration! Funny, I keep using that word know matter what I’m talking about! Today, I’m thankful for inspiration!

  111. Anonymous

    I am thankful that my volunteer job is coming to an end and I can bring back painting to my schedule. I dream of being a painter of beauty!
    Carol Hickerson

  112. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my good natured husband who supports me in my art.
    Marilyn Troutman

  113. Thank you for reminding us that DREAMS do come true! Thanks Dreama

  114. Today I am thankful for electricity! We’ve got the power.

  115. Anonymous

    I am thankful for wonderful nursing homes like the one my Mother is in! Meadowview on Whipps Lane in Louisville is a great place for those that need lots of extra care.
    Sherry Crouse

  116. Today I am grateful for the amazing movers who are helping us move…piano chauffeurs…for our lovely piano:)

  117. Today, I’m thankful for my family.

  118. Marcia

    In a time where so many people are divorcing, I am truly grateful and blessed to have a wonderful husband!

  119. Anonymous

    For love, health, strength for the journey today!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  120. In a period of my life where single us such a scary word for me, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to attend my first Dreama workshop- the timing could not be more perfect! Thank you Dreama for helping me see that I can do this!!!

  121. Yvonne

    I am getting stuck into my paintings and feeling great about it. It is working out better than expected. Amazing what one can do if you feel positive about your work Yvonne Ankerman, Sunny South Africa

  122. I’m grateful it’s warm in my house, my little dog is curled up beside me snoring softly and I have a good cup of coffee while I spend some morning time checking in on my favorite online art sites… like this one! Thanks Dreama!

  123. I am grateful for four hours to myself today.

  124. I can’t get yesterday’s blog out of my mind. When I was in college I read BE HERE NOW and it transformed my life. Then came a car accident resulting in paraplegia, kids, divorce, family deaths,etc. These have a way of pulling us either into the past or the future.Thanks for the reminder to live in the present. It IS a discipline to be here now. I am thankful for Dreama’s reminder.

  125. I’m grateful to be so healthy so that I can care for my husband. Only 364 days til our 55th anniversary!

  126. I am grateful for imagination and dreams.

  127. Bon

    I am grateful for the moxy that allowed me to get a new, short, piecey (is that a word) haircut yesterday; I love it! And also humbly grateful for my health, and the strength to continue to exercise and stay strong.

  128. I am grateful for wonderful words of wisdom that come my way at the exact moment I need them

  129. Lyn

    Today I am thankful for my spiffy new wheels!

  130. Love the painting…And perfect post with it. I am grateful to have found art-it has been so good for me. I see so many beautiful things in my world around me and am always looking to fill my pocket full of sunshine. Love Shiva Blue too- soft beautiful color that you introduced me to!

  131. I am grateful for my 4 little dogs who are an unending source of unconditional love!

  132. I am grateful that I called Ron Perry at the exact moment in time when he had an opening in your FL workshop! Yay!

  133. Terri

    What a wonderful post to read to start my day. Your happy painting and the incredible, unexpected talent of Susan Boyle–two gifts already today. A “singular sensation” as the song from “Chorus Line”says!

  134. I’m admitting that I have difficulty with singularity. It’s a concept very foreign to me and one that I am working to achieve. My art has helped with that in more ways than I can count, so today, because you sweetly reminded me Dreama, I am going to approach the whole day with singularity! Can’t wait til tonight to see how it went!!!

  135. I am grateful for…
    everyone who has bought a painting from me over the years. I hope that they have brought joy into their lives.

  136. I am grateful for all paint colors. Choosing my colors reminds me of being in first grade with the big box of crayons!

  137. Thankyou for sharing Susan Boyle’s video..I had tears in my eyes after watching this amazing person…
    I’m grateful to “you” for all of this.


  138. I am grateful for all paint colors. Choosing my colors reminds me of being in first grade with the big box of crayons!

  139. Susan continues to amaze! What an inspiration. Today I’m grateful for the book club that visited my studio yesterday and had such fun.

  140. I’m grateful to have been able to experience a day with Tree Top Challenges ~ a ropes course designed to help you face & overcome fear ~ it was one of the most rewarding adventures & lessons ~

  141. Today I am grateful for singularity…of self, of purpose, of THE dream…

  142. Unknown

    I am greatful that I am seeing beyond the immediate and realizing it is O.K. to expand my creativity and try a new media. thank you Dreama for the inspirations. Teresa in San Diego.

  143. Anonymous

    Forgot my name…Arleen Turzo

  144. Anonymous

    I am grateful today for life and health, and for 5 days of beautiful sunshine in the forecast to paint in. And… for wonderful friends who have included me in their family Thanksgiving meal for the past several years.

  145. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us- Marianne Williamson

    A grateful thanks to people like you Dreama, who encourage me to stop flying below the radar.

  146. I am grateful for my Thursday Art Club friends – the conversations, the support, and the wide variety of art work which we collectively produce

  147. Today I am grateful for SLEEP. As an insomniac, I am grateful that today I didn’t wake up until 3:20 a.m. That’s 2 hours longer than normal so I am grateful.

  148. Anonymous

    Am grateful for my friends in the West who keep in touch with me.
    Am even more grateful to my friend in Maine who is so close to me and my heart.

    Laetitia Borden

  149. Anonymous

    I have a terrible time with shoes. I’m 7.5 EEE with a narrow heel. I’m either buying size 10 to get the width and end up tripping over the toes or I’m in agony in a size 9B. Anyway today I’m in bliss because I haven’t found a pair of boots that fits for over 30 years and yesterday I found a pair of Italian Leather Designer boots in an op shop for only $15. WOW! Will I have toasty fashionable toes this winter. I’m so grateful to the person who wore them to widen them out for me. Sea Dean

  150. Anonymous

    I am grateful to be on the path I am now walking – choosing to show only love, compassion and kindness to all. No more resentment, judgment, conflict, attachment. What bliss!

    Alma Marshall

  151. Anonymous

    I need to really think of something I am grateful for today. I am raising a 13 year old who lost his mom, I left him with my daughter for a month while I took a business trip. We needed to keep in touch, so we gave him a cell phone with text and people restrictions. While we were gone, he racked up $500 of text messages to his friends & a new girl friend. Verizon refuses to acknowledge the restrictions & I have no proof. He is in the dog house with no phone. I am grateful for having a husband who loves and supports me & appreciates my paintings. AHHHHHHH

    • Anonymous

      Forgot my name: Merry Lund

    • Bon

      Just have to say be grateful for your heart that opened to let him in in the first place. He needs some serious tough love now. But…leaving him alone for a month…nuh uh.

    • Anonymous

      It is usually the hardest of times that have the best gifts in them. Some times you have to look through the silly glasses to see the real light. Taking on your 13 year old young man, you have more blessings than you can count! And you should! Good for you Merry Lund!

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