7 Dec

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“Ooh La La (A Little Bit of France)”

Color makes a lot of folks happy, present company included.


“Ooh La La” (A Little Bit of France!)
6 x 6″ oil on museum quality panel

The wondrous thing is this—color sings because of what surrounds it.  Just like people, colors NEED each other.  Just place your finger over one of those gorgeous blues or the tomato pinky orange and see what happens—the whole scene changes!
Ever noticed how one person can do the same thing?  We all love those folks that light up a room when they walk in.  They usually do this by reflecting back beauty and love to those surrounding them:)))
Color and people—we all need both.
Ooh la la…..surrounded by color, beauty and love.
Life is Good!
In Other News:
Books and paintings and more, oh yes!  I have put Eddie to work on finishing out all the inspirational writings from November for the free download— I am guessing I may need to edit out his portion (he gets inspired by big bugs on their backs)….so we’ll just have to wait and see.
We do have a name!  And a cover! We are making progress;))
This coming week I will be posting about the workshops that took place in November (they were pre-empted on the blog by the Gratitude Adventure).
The Gratitude List is long and growing longer in the Gratitude Dropbox!
Remember to share it with a friend—it does a body good;))!
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  1. June

    Such warmth and glorious sunshine in this painting, Dreama. And yes – so much gorgeous, life-affirming colour, putting a smile on my face and making me smile on the inside, too.

    This whole weekend for me has been about needing colour and people. I took part in a three-day winter market and in addition to making a few sales with my colourful plaques, I met so many lovely, wonderful people – both shoppers as well as other crafters there. It’s such a good feeling to connect with people who, before that moment, you didn’t know. Who was it who said that there are no strangers – just friends we’ve not met yet. I love that, and I believe that.

    Thanks for bringing a beautiful little bit of the warmth and the colour that is France to me on this very cold and wet and overcast Monday morning, Dreama.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh Dreama, what wonderful words of wisdom. Color has made my world go around for along time; along with love and hugs from people near and dear to me. I have always told my husband there is nothing better sometimes than a big teddy bear hug from him. Your painting “Ooh la la ” looks like a beautiful summer’s day with all the lush greenery and beautiful warn and cool colors makes me want to jump right into the painting! I love the cover “Be inspired.” I’m working on getting rid of bronchitis I picked up. Hope you have a wonderful day! Long distance hugs, Nancy

  3. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful that my daughter’s surgery turned out well, although it was more extensive than anticipated — her foot will be pain free (eventually) for the first time in a LONG time. She is one of those Ray of Sunshine People who light up a room just by being there.
    Karen Gifford

  4. Bon

    Hmmm…ppl are always trying to put their thumb over me! But I just keep shining past them. Thanks for the wise observation and the lovely painting!

  5. More words of wisdom from you! Don’t know how you keep coming up with thoughtful and inspiring posts each day… and paint too!

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