12 Jul

Before the Creative Process

Timeless Moments in France

Well doggone it —I know rumors must be flying  on where you and I have disappeared to in France.

No word for over a week now.
Not a postcard nor a video.

Well if you won’t tell then neither will I.
We’ll just hope that the local authorities don’t figure out what happened ’til we are well on our way back home;))

(I know Eddie said it was safe to smoke the lavender but we both should have known better.   Since when can he be trusted?)

I guess it’s okay as long as everyone is laughing WITH us;)

It’s time to do laundry and start getting ourselves ready to head back home.

We must leave so that we can return again next year….

And paint things in our journals like straw hats and parasols

Polka dot curtains and little wood stoves

Loki’s and poppies

Speaking of which….some of you said you’d like to see more of Mr. Loki.

Warning:  This video is for cat lovers only 🙂

If video doesn’t appear, just click here :))

Our trip is almost over (just one more me ‘n’ you post to go before drawing winners for the postcards!)

Loki wanted to pose for you so you could add him to your journal or make a purrrfect little postcard of him.

And just in case you’re in the mood to do two (we were gone for quite awhile)—here’s a favorite doorway.

The very one that will welcome us back in next year!

France will be our home again June 20-30, 2014

A special invitation will be going out shortly for the Paint France with Dreama 2014
(To be on the list just send an email to info@DreamaTollePerry.com)

“Timeless Moments in France”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  Look for my Wednesday post that will have highlights of…

Paint France with Dreama 2013:
The Amazing Adventures of the Purple Beret Club:)!!


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  1. Luther

    Thanks for sharing your “Timeless Moments in France” (sad its already sold…prints please, pretty please) and glad to see your trip has been a laugh a minute. Pure Joy!

  2. Margie Whittington

    Merci mon ami, Dreama Tolle Perry!
    A trip to France I have never taken
    But thru artist, Dreama Tolle Perry’s eyes what a delight,
    Sharing daily in this artistic haven.
    Her journal entries so picturesque and bright.
    A quiet peaceful village where quaint cottages abound.
    Lavender fields fill the morning air,
    With sweet fragrance all around
    And vivid Colors in flowers everywhere.
    A picture waiting to be painted
    Along the garden path is waiting.
    A window box with flowers planted
    A little kitten pouncing and playing.
    Traveling to France, a trip to savor
    These are the images that Dreama sent,
    Tables with umbrellas, foods with rich flavor
    While painting in Le Vieux
    Merci mon ami!
    Thank you my friend!
    Margie Whittington

  3. Loree

    Wow! Beautiful. Thank you for finally sending word…1)I was getting worried and 2)I was going through serious withdrawals – in need of some colorful French countryside eye candy. I LOVE the postcard of the kitty – looks like our little Crumpet.

  4. Judy Baker

    Glad you’re back from your adventures with more beautiful scenes of France. Thank you for taking the time to share. I must run now and sketch.

  5. Valerie McMullen

    Your sketches are so lovely! And Loki is one lucky kitty to have that beautiful space all to himself! Paradise!

  6. Thank you for sharing Loki’s adventures. Your location is fabulous – so much inspiration.

  7. Fay Terry

    What wonderful color in this painting, and a great title, too. I was so happy to see this post today and to have you share more about your fabulous trip. Thanks, Dreama!

  8. Cindy Stierhoff

    Is that Loki a wild thang =^..^= because I never saw anyone holding him, so cute. Just loved the way you shared France with us all and we didn’t even have to leave our house! I will have to start a watercolor journal now, hope my drawing gets better.

  9. Dreama – Thank you so much for the virtual painting holiday. It was so nice to be able to check out your posts to see your beautiful paintings, to watch your sweet videos and see your photos. And Loki is the sweetest!

  10. Loki is too precious! Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful trip to France.

  11. Teri Jordan Towse

    Beautiful finale Dreama. Glad you had a wonderful time. Thank you for taking us along.

  12. Sharon

    Thanks for the trip to France and your beautiful creations. I love little Loki and the darling video too.

  13. Carol Josefiak

    Glad to see you online today. I’m enjoying your trip from afar and working on watercolors has been fun.

  14. Jan McKinzie Burnett

    Thank you!

  15. Cindy Clarke Krueger

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of France.

  16. Susan in TX

    So glad you reported in! Your trip–your work–is a delight.

  17. Jobi

    Talk about Dreama withdrawal! haha Phew! I just LOVE your beautiful oil, Timeless Moments in France. Goodness it is so lovely! Please show us some more! Even though I’m sure they are all SOLD. They are so inspiring and full of color and joy. Just like you, Dreama! Little treasures, each one. So thankful to wake up to a new post. Hubs and I enjoyed watching wacky, crazy Loki over our coffee this morning. What a spunky monkey! All wild eyed and crazy! France must do that to you 🙂 Hope you’re home safe and sound. Still sitting by the mailbox 😉 xoxo

  18. Kathy Cousart

    Beautiful strong painting- love the umbrella and the way the flowers just fall so beautifully. The line of pots just leads you right to them and then carry you around. Masterful composition! What a time you must have had….I can’t wait till I get to go one day…love seeing France through your eyes!

  19. What a wonderful time it was! So great to wake up this Saturday morning to your post. I got myself a cuppa tea and settled back to enjoy it! Thanks again for all the extra effort to take us along!

  20. Katherine Baker

    We tagged along on your French adventure with every word, photo, postcard, and video you posted. It was a fun ride! So many colors, aromas, and sensations to stimulate us. No excuses for nothing to paint….: )) Merci beaucoup! *Katherine

  21. Gayle

    Been missing you! Gayle

  22. Susan

    What a lucky kitten! Beautiful watercolor of him. Your sketches and postcard are lovely.

  23. Looks like a wonderful trip. The postcards are fun.
    I would love to go next year. Email address did not work for some reason. Please put me on the list for information for 2014!

  24. Debra LaRocque

    Love your journal! Beautiful little sketches that capture a moment and make a memory. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Helen

    Ah ha! You just confirmed my suspicions that you were having such a good time that you had no time to post! Hurrraahhhh! Would LOVE to go with you next year! Could you pick up a box of macaroons for me on your way home? 😉

  26. June

    I’m in love not only with France, but beautiful little Loki, too. Don’t tell my three fellas that, though (and I won’t say a word to your Eds about him, either).
    Thank you so much for taking us all on this virtual holiday. Every video diary entry, every painting, every carte postalle has been wonderful, inspiring, filled with joy and filling my days with joy, too. I have to admit, though, that I’ve missed you this past week, and it put a smile on my face this morning to be greeted by you (and Loki) with today’s post and video diary.
    It’ll be a bit difficult having to come back home after all the fun, food, friends (and all that lavender) and feline adorable-ness, but it will be there waiting for you (and hopefully me, too) next year. I’m saving my pennies and euros as I type this 🙂
    Thanks again, Dreama. It’s been briliant and wonderful!

  27. Corinne Murphy

    What an amazing, amazing journey, with the added bonus of a cute, cuddly and precocious little guy! Loki was just what you needed to fill the need to pet and play with a pet similar to the ones at home. Now then, are we all supposed to keep this from EB andEP? That’ll be hard if they happen to see today’s video. I’d be careful if I were you…..your homecoming could be icy cold!! Ha!!

  28. Becky Frame

    Thanks for taking us to France with you! Looks like it was a wonderful time and what an amazing place you found to do this workshop! Good job, Dreama!

  29. Juraci Maziero Pozzobon

    Fantastico tuo lavoro, mi piace molto…

  30. Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

    And some more of France…

  31. Well THERE you are! I tried to find you on Google Earth, but no luck :), so I was about to send the Mounties out after you! I think next time we’d better put an ankle monitor on you! Ha! Delighted that you’ve reappeared (and that adorable little Loki). That journal painting of Loki and the poppies is so adorable!

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