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Sometimes we forget. We taste only the icing. We see only the end result. We hear only the applause. We forget that creative inspiration wears many disguises. We either forget or are not privy to what led up to Monet’s waterlily paintings, musical artist Adele’s latest hit song, actor Morgan Freeman’s sterling performance, comedian Jim Carey’s ability to make us laugh.

Creativity in it’s raw form can appear:

Off-track (Monet on waterlilies..”It took me time to understand my water lilies. I had planted them for the pleasure of it; I grew them without ever thinking of painting them.”–what, you mean he spent time GARDENING instead of painting?!

Foolish (Actor Jim Carey of comedic fame openly admits he has made faces at himself in the mirror for years with threats from his mother that he would go to you know where for doing so!)

Childish (Rob Dyrdek of skateboard fame has probably endured more than a few looks of “get a real job man” before parlaying his skateboarding talent into 15 ml net worth)

Lazy (Truman Capote said of himself “I am a completely horizontal author. I can’t think unless I’m lying down, either in my bed or on a couch”.)

Creativity often springs from times of inactivity (translated, things that are not obviously related to our creative work) Inactivity that we and/or those around us might interpret as lazy, as waste of time and money, decadent, or selfish.

Note to Self: Inspiration can’t be scheduled, it must be allowed for.

Notice when and where your creative ideas happen. Is it during or after a recent trip to the movies, from discovering a new musical artist, a long walk in a new place, a nap in the middle of the day, a drive to no where in particular, in the tub or shower, the latest novel?

Creative inspiration arises out those times when we take time to fill our well instead of drinking from it.

Be a sleuth. Uncover the mystery of when and where your creative inspiration happens.


Shady Business in France


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  1. Charlie Fusco

    I loved “Creative inspiration arises out those times when we take time to fill our well instead of drinking from it.” How true!!! Note to self!

  2. Deborah

    my joy comes from many things daily. Family, friends, walks in nature, relishing reading The Word (Bible), and kindnesses given and received . . . and encouragement given and received. That includes encouragement received from your online painting class. My heart overflows with JOY.

  3. Jackie Czanik

    My beautiful grandchildren bring me joy. They are all so individually special. I am blessed to watch them grow and enjoy them so closely.

  4. Barbara Somerville

    Holding a newborn baby while gently rocking in a rocking chair.

  5. Courtney

    While not great, I’ve been surprised how much joy I receive when making painting efforts!
    ….and any time I spend with, talk to, or see pictures of me grandchildren in Tucson! 😉

  6. Jan koss

    Joy comes to me when I see God in all life that he has created, all life that surrounds me, human, animal and natures life.in the love of my family, in creating and in beautiful, wonderful oolor.

  7. Diane Lenamon

    Joy is waking up each morning and thanking God.

  8. Diane Lenamon

    Joy is waking up each morning and thanking God for another Day.

  9. Judy D

    Having a roof over my head is my current joy.

  10. Nancy Salyer

    Catching a fish! Being in the forest, hearing the water gurgling in the creek, smelling the earthy goodness of the earth and having a trout take your bait ! It is exhilarating and peaceful and I am always filled with gratitude for this harvest from the wild.

  11. Karen Kircher

    Joy for me is helping others in our senior community, and assisting in doggie rescues…all make me happy !! And others , too. !!

  12. At 62 I have found complete joy and I’m constantly amazed. For over 30 years I served a church as the director of music, until one day the pastor decides I’m no longer needed…because I was a lesbian. (I had been with one person for 28 years and it fell apart.) Try and find a job, quickly, at the age of 55…ha! So after about 3 months I decided to start my own community chorus. There was a work called “Sing for the Cure” that I had wanted to do for about 10 years but never had time because of my job. (I had a very busy full time church job, directing 7 ensembles.) so I started spreading the word that I wanted between 100-200 singers to sing for breast cancer. To make this shorter…we performed with 105 singers and a volunteer 52 piece orchestra 5 months later after rehearsing all summer. My dream came to then because 80 of the 105 wanted to continue. Speed ahead 7 years and I direct a chorus of 80 voices year round called A Chorus for a Cause…where every concert we do is for a different cause. It is amazing and I love what I’m doing! As a side note, I started an auditioned handbell choir in 2011 and what a fun, hard working group it is. So out of darkness came beauty. I still make music but I feel like I’m doing more good now than I ever did in the church job and I have no doubt that God is responsible for what I’m doing today. (On a side note…I’m now married to a wonderful woman.)

  13. Traycee Williams

    Joy, for me, comes in so many places, but mostly in my quiet places; my cat’s purr, the chirp of the birds or the flight of my bees. When I learned how to sit still, I learned this new language that nature had to offer.

  14. Dorothy Pullo


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