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Learning to pivot

Learning to pivot.

One of my favorite scenes from the 1990’s TV show, ‘Friends’, is when Ross and Chandler are moving a massive couch up a small, turning stairwell. Ross keeps trying to engineer the impossible move by yelling ‘Pivot, PIV-O-O-O-T’!

Well, we are only a few days into the New Year, and I am already pivoting.
Turning towards what feels more natural and with the flow.
And let me tell you, the rewards are so worth the pivot.
I wanted to share with you as I think it may trigger something for you, so read on!

Here’s my story.
I’m so excited about my plans for this year.
A new monthly membership on the horizon for 2020 called FLOW.
A live event being planned in 2020.

As we’ve been coordinating the live event, structuring, getting estimates on everything— the longer we’ve worked on it—the harder it was feeling.
Not the part of being live and being together, but all of the logistics involved in planning an event 400–2200 miles from those of us involved in creating it.


So I took some quiet time.
And I listened.
And I thought about what I wanted of this event for you, for me, for the good that would come of it.
And out of that, I found my way, my pivot.

Have the event for sure.
Do all the things I’d planned.

But then, here’s the pivot…
Do it here, in my hometown, Paris, Kentucky.

We have a great location for the event AND I get to share my studio cottage with you! Perfect for gaining inspiration, having a little wine, and listening to some live French music. I get to do some demos, work at helping you find your flow and we get to laugh our butts off.
And sip some tea together (yes—we can have tea at the cottage!)

Of course, it has to be later than March because I need all the flowers to be blooming. So I pivoted on that as well —June date forthcoming.

Pivoting is not the norm for me, but it has happened before. My Timeless Tuscany course is the most recent memory that comes to mind. Originally I had selected coastal Cinque Terre and Lake Como in Italy. Until we arrived, and it rained for days. And days. And days. A week in and we pivoted hard and ended up in Tuscany.
Beautiful, sunny Tuscany.
And we knew it (Timeless Tuscany) was always meant to be!

There is grace and peace when we can get quiet, listen and pivot as needed 😉

Hope this fills you with some peace about any winds of change blowing your direction.
Don’t be afraid to change.

One last thing—the special holiday price for Timeless Tuscany is set to expire in a few days. If you want some fun in the sun, click here and begin painting today in Tuscany (which came really close to being Soaked in Cinque Terre 😉 )
Thank goodness for choice, change, and pivots!!

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