17 Jan

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During the Creative Process

Minding Your Eds and Cues

Eddie the Cat sleeps peacefully. Like it’s the most important thing to do at this very moment.
And he’s right.
If one is going to nap, it’s the way to do it.
Wholeheartedly, as if it was the only thing that mattered.
He reminds me of the total relaxation that happens when I give in to a good nap.

He’s also very deliberate when it comes to stretching.
He works it from tip to tip, little paws reaching way to the front and far to the back.
It’s a full-body experience that smoothes out all the tension.
He reminds me to stretch and to give myself fully to it.

In reality, what Eddie provides are cues.
Stuff I already know but often forget.

Cues are pure gold. They quietly give us a nod. A passive way of saying—Do this, read that, drop your shoulders, or simply breathe.

I keep an uplifting book or five by my reading spot all of the time. They are there, in easy reach, to pick up and read a line or a chapter. Good words that help redirect my sometimes turbulent thoughts.

I keep journals, both large and small, with favorite pens attached, to grab a meaningful thought I stumble upon. Little nuggets worth recording.

I keep my vitamins on the counter. Yes, it’s a bit of clutter that I actually don’t like, but I know me. Vitamins behind doors become vitamins I forget to take.

I have watercolor kits I’ve assembled. I keep them out in plain sight—both at home and at my studio cottage. Art supplies tucked neatly away are easy to forget.

Cues are such a beautiful way to help guide us towards using our time and our thoughts and our energies in ways we find meaningful and good for us.

In this new year of 2020 let us see how many cues we can surround ourselves with—the kind that quietly encourages us in our dreams and desires.

I’d absolutely love to hear how you use subtle cues to keep making art and creating a life you love. Share in the comments below!

Note: In regards to last week’s confession (read here) I’ve been having some happy times painting at the cottage. I wanted to share what actually triggered me getting back to the easel. It was a back-end approach. I wasn’t trying to ‘find’ something to paint. I was actually working on my site and hunting for a photo of something I needed. I ended up uncovering heaps of photos I’d taken while in France. I dropped some favorites in a folder on my desktop, titled said folder ‘PAINT ME’, and that was that! Sometimes it takes so little to get us back in a flow state but we never know just what the trigger might be. Feeling stuck or in a bit of ‘I need to paint, but don’t know where to begin‘ kind of spot? Take a stroll through your photos. No pressure, no do it now. Just delight in the subjects that make you smile. You never know where that will lead 😉

I have some free photos on my site for you to paint to make it easy for you — go here!

And Eddie somehow turned up in my France pictures so of course, I had to paint him!

My Baby Has Green Eyes – Dreama Perry – https://dreamatolleperry.com/

My Baby Has Green Eyes, 12 x 16in, oil 

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Beryl

    Been a rough year physically and, while I painted some, I had trouble keeping the concentration needed and the body upright for hours. LOL! one thing at a time. I have had a “Paint Me” folder in the past. Time to resurrect the habit of dropping some in as I put new photos in my photo files. Thank you for the kick in the pants! Got my attention.

  2. Cathy

    Hi Dreama!
    I recently joined your Timeless Tuscany course, something that I can’t wait to see and do more of each day! ( Cathyrn) I was very unmotivated for a few years,, work stresses did not help at all! But, last Sept, after the death of my mother in law, who was 97, I realized what a privilege it was that we Get to paint!! She was a very good oil painter, and her painting were on display at her wake,,, I thought… She will never get to paint again…. And that thought keeps motivating me often,,, I have my paint mojo back, am happy to get better with oils, and just love your course, it’s giving me more inspiration to paint as often as possible!!! Thanks for letting me share!!!
    Cathy 🙂

  3. Connie

    I keep a pad of watercolor postcards and some pens and stamps in my purse to inspire me to do a quick sketch. If it feels good I send it to my mother or a friend. I also have three tea setups – teapot and mug or cup and saucer on a tray – around the house to encourage hydration instead of wine in the evening.

    • Lila

      Connie, those are great ideas!
      I think I will try the tea tray!

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