25 Jun

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Yes feels like…

‘I’m no longer quite sure what the question is, but I do know that the answer is YES.’
~ Leonard Bernstein


Yes feels good…
Like possibilities, ocean spray, a good book, laughter of your best friend and more.

Yes feels like flamenco reds and Caribbean blues, Muir woods greens and Provencal yellows.

Yes feels like starry nights on shades of velvet blue.

Yes feels like you wanna dance—and so you do!

Yes sounds like the birds singing at dawn’s early light and the voice of Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorrma

Yes tastes like your favorite iced drink on the hottest day of the year and a garden tomato just plucked from the vine.

Yes looks like you putting you first. Letting go of routines to embrace new things. Saying good bye to habits that never served you and asking yourself all the ways you can begin again to say yes to the real you within.

It’s a beautiful word.
So simple, so short that holds unthinkable joy.

A beautiful life is one long exhale of yes….!


This conversation is one of those that goes deep and creates space to think about what we want to be saying YES to now.

Without justifying or explaining or trying to help someone understand why YES, why now—what is your YES?

For me? Putting writing and reading and painting in the forefront of my days. To make a practice of loving myself and my life so much that I actually do the things that bring me joy.

Yes feels good.


Brimming with Beauty - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Brimming with Beauty 

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  1. Michele McCaslin

    Dear Dreama, YES for me is sitting down at the piano and playing my favorite classical pieces. Cuddling with my black and white kitty Elsa who is such a noodle (long and skinny). Painting pictures of beautiful, colorul flowers.

  2. Barbara M Becker

    Saying yes to going to bed early and getting a good night’s rest. It makes the next day a JOY!

  3. Mary Lee Morgan

    Thank you for sharing. Your thoughts are in tune with my thinking lately. My joy is to keep painting even though I can’t find my style, although my paintings do look the same. How ironic is that. I’ve stopped looking for perfection in myself and others, yet I’m continuing to strive to be better and be pleased with the results. Laugh more, enjoy more of life and quit being so judgmental. I love these pep talks from you.

  4. My ‘yes’ seems to involve asking; asking of God, asking of others, asking of myself as the FIRST STEP. The SECOND STEP, involves identifying the habits I need to form, what simple, direct, doable steps will I take to consistently allow the new habit to grow so my signature can be discovered and grow.

  5. Lynne

    My YES is to less TV and more nature walks, painting, reading, journaling and learning… if done with a friend… even better!


    Yes!! I need to take care of my joy more. To stop living in dread and fear of failure and live to do what I was placed here to do- bring joy and happiness to myself and others through my artwork. I am, almost, daily being told by my friends that they look forward to my sharing my art on Facebook. I need to share my art with myself by making it a priority in my day. Thank you Dreama for continue to push and put yourself out there to help those who don’t want to take chances. It is time I make a lifestyle change.

  7. AnnieKate Nicholson-Phillips

    Yes to starting my days with the sunrise, fresh air, birds and clouds and breeze and the faerie spirits of the garden.

  8. Ginny Good

    Yes for me is painting or drawing everyday! Also reading, journaling and swimming! I’m saying yes by taking two art classes this summer! One is Plein Air painting at the River!

  9. Diane Saulnier

    My “Yes” is being able to get out and about. I am starting to feel alive again. Yes, I am still wearing a mask when I go out….we live in an area that believed the whole pandemic was a hoax.
    I am painting, and the galleries are opening again. I am feeling positive about visiting friends again, but we are still not hugging. That will come too.
    I, too, am in a much better “Yes” mentality.

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