Before the Creative Process

The everyday beginning

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Dreama’s Favorite Studio Stuff

Favorite, time-tested, must have favorite art supplies and goodies for the artist’s studio! Get your free PDF download!

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Dreaming Your Life

‘The most crucial stories are the ones we tell ourselves.’…‘Your real glory days are yet to be created.’
~ Sheri Salata

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Your Creative Space

Your Creative Space
I’ve so much to share with you about this all-important topic!

I’m talking about doing something that provides a kind of magic that pulls you creatively forward every day.
It takes into account that you are evolving.
It’s a way for you to begin doing something kind and good for the most important person you will ever know. 

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Wanted: A Creative Nest

Our creative spaces are our nests.

They are one way we testify to ourselves that we believe in our potential, in our worth at this very moment.

They give legs to new ideas and possibility thinking.

They hold the door open for inspiration.

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A Cool Fifteen to Creativity

Getting started is hard.
As tempting as it is to wait for inspiration
and as wonderful as it is when our beginning is lock step with being inspired
there are more days….

where we must simply…

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Feeling Your Way to Creativity

When you look at a rose and think to paint it, might it first make sense to leave behind the mechanics of painting and instead, look within your heart about how the presence of the rose makes you feel? The emotions that you possess about what it is that you are experiencing —-this is the gold to mine to create your art.

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To become we must let go of what, where and sometimes even who we think we are.

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What’s Belief Got to Do With It?

Perhaps the biggest thing that has stood in my way is my own belief that I was less…

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Doorways to Creativity

Creativity keeps a wide berth of one who can’t be silent long enough to hear their own heart–so what’s an artist to do?

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Your Work–a Higher Good

So often we are looking for immediate results and overlooking everything else.

We have no idea, really, how our work will impact someone else either now or in the future.

What about the shelf life of our latest efforts?
What impact will it have beyond it’s “toddler” years?