During the Creative Process

During the creative process – your beautiful space.

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Paris Studio Makeover Part I/The Inside Scoop

A studio in Paris.  The things dreams are made of…. A studio in Kentucky. Brings to mind the importance of being very specific in your dreams:)))….Kidding! I love my Paris, KY home:) My Paris studio is petite, with sloped ceilings and a west facing window. Over the course of the years I have called many places…

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“Viva, Eddie, Snow, and Jamaica”

“Snow, snow, and did I say….SNOW???” “Eddie’s Failed Attempt to Mail Himself to Jamaica” Cabin fever has officially hit.  Not that I live in a cabin.  Or have a fever for that matter.  But somehow, home-in-the-suburbs-if-I-don’t-get-some-sunshine-and-warm-weather-soon-I-am-gonna-scream, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  So we’re going with cabin fever. I have caught Eddie online,…

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“Eddie Goes Native (And Takes Phyllis With Him)”

“Eddie Goes Native (and takes Phyllis with him)” 8 x 8″ oil on museum quality panel $350 On occasion, one feels certain that one just might have run amuck.  Perhaps fallen short of the prize–maybe way short of being a serious artist.  Take this morning for example, fully intentioned to be all business,  “neating up”…

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“Waitin’ on the Big Yellow Bus”

Then the Hello Kitty lunch bucket appeared.  Ever noticed how the devil is always in the details?  Per his manager, Eddie  informed me he has enrolled in acting class.  I’m guessing he didn’t get the memo….it’s an online class. Houston, we have a problem. “Waitin’ on the Big Yellow Bus” 8 x 8in oil on museum…