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Timeless Tuscany—my newest ONLINE PAINTING & ADVENTURE course— is your ticket to Italy without having to leave home!



I traveled to Italy with professional photographers, videographers, and an interpreter.

And visited 8 villages, filmed 9 HD paintings from start to finish, gathered all kinds of goodies together… all to make the Italian experience come alive for you 🙂


Slip inside the daily life of Tuscany. From puppet making olive growers to an old Italian home that has been in the same family for…ever…we touch the very spirit of what makes Tuscany so special!

From fields of sunflowers to creamy gelato, laundry drying in the hot Tuscan sun to huge flower-filled pots, winding village streets to country homes, and even an Italian kitty—YOU GET TO PAINT IT ALL in this Timeless Tuscany online adventure!

Intended to stir your creative heart just like great travel always does except this time you can do it from home 😉


My Online Painting & Adventure Course that’s all about Italy!
Timeless Tuscany

Opens for Enrollment on January 16, 2018.

motionmailapp.comAll the details, the cost, the color, the FAQ’s, the JOY, and the opportunity to purchase are yet to come.  There will be limited availability so make sure you are subscribed to ensure you get first notice when enrollment opens. This will also put your name in the hat for the spot I am giving away in the course!

Just click the purple button below 🙂


P.S. Here are what some of the over 2500 folks who have signed up my two previous online courses have to say…

I absolutely loved this art course —
 it is so much more as you walk with Dreama through narrow village streets and buying soap bars with her at an open market. ❤️ I loved watching her paint every painting and have learned so much and appreciate her art even more than I did before I took both courses…looking forward to her next one! 🙂 Don’t miss out…it’s a journey for your spirit and soul as well as enlivening your creative spirit!
❤️  ~ Nancy S.

This course is not only painting but it feeds the soul. The transparent technique adds such dimension and depth to my work now. The more painterly style increases my enjoyment and I have let go of the perfectionist voice that has enjoyed a place for way too long. Seeing it by video may be as close as I ever get but am grateful for it. And the Facebook page has allowed me to make lovely acquaintances with other artists. It is encouraging to feel accepted and part of such a nice community of people. ~ Betsy G.

I never fail to learn something wonderful in Dreama’s classes. I am always hungry for more! I have covered myself in classes for the last three years and I can say without any doubt, “Dreama’s is the best class out there!” ~ Yvonne S.

Dreama, with only a first peek, well actually three hours, I am overwhelmed at the totality of your course! I now understand all the excitement of your returning students.
I have always believed that we learn best using all of our senses and your course does not disappoint!!! Instruction, yes but also music, food, daydreaming, journaling, little triggers to help us make our experience so very real. I can already say, I don’t want it to end. Thank you for your CREATIVE GENIUS in assembling all of this for us. ~ Sandra H.

This is a MUST DO online painting course!! I just finished all of it and WOW Dreama and her team did not disappoint. I have always dreamed of going … and this was the next best thing to actually being there! You truly get a sense of what it would be like to walk the cobble stone streets … Dreama makes you feel like you are strolling along side with her. By following the online modules each week, Dreama shares a new and beautiful journey through villages and garden pathways, little cafes and flea markets, etc. you want to pour yourself a little rosé and grab a seat at the table or paint a scene right out of there! It’s loaded with information and helpful videos that are truly heartfelt. I cannot say enough about this wonderful experience! ~ Kimberly B.

This is the first oils class I have ever ventured into and the first oil painting I have ever attempted. Every piece is a wall hanger and with each lesson there is a measure of growth…and I finally quit holding my breath, loosened up and am enjoying the painting experience. I love the class and Dreama’s style of painting. Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and will be signing up for another round. ~ Alanna W.


This is your time to run away to Italy. What do you think?? Leave a comment below!

P.S.S. Want to get a head start and order your supplies for the Italy getaway now? Click Here!


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