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I’m a beginner. Would Dreama’s online painting courses be a good fit for me?

For sure, the courses are created for all levels – beginners to more seasoned artists!

I love the inspiring nature of Dreama’s writing—does she have a book?

It’s on the to do list 😉 For now you can get her weekly notes of inspiration in your inbox just by subscribing to the Dreamette mail.

I love the colors Dreama uses in her paintings! Can I get a list of her favorites?

Sure thing honey bunch! Just subscribe here and the link will be in your inbox quicker than you can say color me happy!

Help! I’m having trouble logging into my course.

Well doggone it, sometimes we lose our way around here too! Here’s the page for all course logins: Click Here. And if you need our assistance, just drop us an email at support@dreamlovepaint.com. We love to help!


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