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This is a full blown, starting from the heart out, fresh eyed look at getting you - heart, body and soul - into the JOY of painting.

You don’t want to just paint. You want your paintings to reflect you, your heart, and your soul. I get that. I’ve created a special place for us to do just that, filled with special touches to nourish your spirit. A place that encourages and inspires you to start from the only real place one can ever start—-the heart. I knew when I started this journey of creating DREAM.LOVE.PAINT that every nuance, every painting created, every meditation video filmed, every nesting area created, must, should, HAD to be filled with LOVE.

My mission, above all, is to inspire you to do your work. So of course I show you how I paint. How to get fantastic colors. Ways to get playful with your brush marks. But most importantly, I push, pull, and overwhelm you with the desire to believe in the specialness of your gift and the importance of having it fully evolved. Ready to be inspired, to paint with the colors of your heart and to let the magic of your brush escape onto the canvas? Ready to find your inspiration and get glowing colors in your work?

Quotation Marks
I have had the privilege of taking two classes with Dreama and I am forever grateful and forever changed. Delightful, gifted and just plain fun, she fills each class with an abundance of unconditional Love. Here words of encouragement and excellent teaching allow one to blossom and soar with the best. Her paintings are awesome, her style unique and her posts most inspirational. Beware – she is contagious! Completion of a course and enjoying artists from all over the world, like family, leaves one chomping at the bit for the next one to begin!
Rhema S.
It has taken me on a remarkable journey into the creative process. Dreama is a talented artist and gifted teacher who brings a lot of joy into the experience. There is something for everyone, from the novice painter to the professional who wants to learn new techniques, in a nurturing, fun-filled & inspired format!
Pat B.
Dreama.Love.Paint is wonderful in so many ways. I can do it in my own time and space. I have the camaraderie of so many other amazing artists. It is a mind/body/spirit art experience with mediation, joy journaling, making art and answers to questions from both Dreama and other students. I feel all levels of artist will enjoy and benefit from this art experience.
Fran W.
You are never too old to learn something new. Starting each painting session with mind yoga and looking for joyful things to focus on has changed my painting habits in such a positive way. Dreama I loved your "real life" motivational words as well as your unique way of painting.
Kem H-D.
Thank you, for helping me & so many others to really believe in themselves & giving us the "tools" to continue on with our personal journey. I loved learning the techniques of how you create your beautiful, joyful paintings & will continue to incorporate them into my own work. You are a ray of sunshine!
Vicki B.
The integration of learning, writing, inspiration and modeling of artistic thought and technique is profoundly good! I have studied with Dreama in a live workshop and the online course is equally awesome. I am learning so much!! Dreama is beautiful, brilliant, and humble – a fantastic teacher!!
Ruth P.
This course is absolutely inspirational! I am just a beginner with painting and I am doing this course using acrylic paints. The way the course is put together is fabulous, the videos lead you through each painting step by step but the absolute bonus for me are Dreama's inspirational words. I look forward every week to the new material and find the course most instructional but most of all so uplifting! Thank you Dreama.
Angela R.
Dream.Love.Paint is much more than wonderful painting instruction, which Dreama provides with grace, encouragement, and humor; it is also an inspiration to soul-search and discover the meaning in what we do as artists. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in your course and connecting with so many other wonderful people in the dedicated Facebook group. I look forward to continuing those friendships and returning for your next course!
Janette H.
I am beyond thrilled. Dream.Love.Paint is more than a painting class, it fulfills all the artistic and emotional needs of my soul. Painting is such a beautiful experience with Dreama.
Lou B.
Dream.Love.Paint is so much more than a fantastic painting course. I am a slow painter and having this at my fingertips at my own studio is perfect for me. Setting up the painting area with Dreama’s tips have made it a wonderful place of refuge for my painting. The inspiration and love from this course has made me a relaxed and less fearful painter. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested.
Joy S.
Dream.Love.Paint is so much more than a painting course. Dreama inspires us to focus on the joy, love, beauty and happiness in our lives and let that shine through our paintings. You are an amazing teacher as you share your wealth of artistic knowledge to guide us to create amazing paintings. The private FB group where artist from all over the world can share their experiences and encourage one another is awesome.
Jamie E.
I'm absorbing so much while painting along with Dreama and having so much fun sharing with everyone on FB - this online course is my happy place! It's been the perfect introduction to oil painting for this newbie. Dreama shares her tips, treats and techniques in such an encouraging way, she makes you believe in yourself as an artist and that your work has worth and value to the world. Thank you Dreama, this has been a life changing experience.
Marcia B.
This course has been the best I have ever taken! I learned so many valuable details like organizing my palette and how to brighten greens without adding white! But the most valuable to me were the words of wisdom that Dreama offered with every lesson. The reminder of staying in tune with the unique gifts we have been given. To honor, who we are and to enjoy blooming right where we are.
Jenny B.