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..the best class that I’ve ever taken! My painting has improved by leaps and bounds. My skills, my eye and my understanding of color have improved light years beyond what I have ever imagined! I love the connection and encouragement with our Facebook group too. Dreama, I can’t say thank you enough. ~Beverly T.
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  • The Traveling Artist: Traveling With Your Paints
  • Watercolor Fun: Watercolor Journal Tips
  • Love Me Some Color: Dreama’s Color Palette for Oils
  • Inspire: 7 Simple Secrets to Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do
  • Restore: Words written with you in mind
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Quotation marks Dreama is able to weave sound color theory and technique with a unique way of expression. I feel that no matter where your talent lies, from beginner to advanced, you will be able to pull things from her teaching that will enhance your experience with this workshop has been a breakthrough in my work. ~ Jenny W.
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